Inspire Africa Institute 2016 for Youths in Management,Entrepreneurship or Public Service


The League of Extraordinary Young People Organization (LEXY) has launched its first institute for youths in management, entrepreneurship or public service known as Inspire Africa.

Inspire Africa is a unique entrepreneurship and leadership program that inspires and empower young African men and women by giving them the proper tools to take control of their future. The program aims to prepare young women and men, helping them realize and achieve their full potential, passion and dream.

The Inspire Africa program support it’s fellows within the age of 18 – 35 with a robust package of vital entrepreneurial and leadership insights; tailored mentorship from industry leaders prepare fellows and their businesses to become investment ready and worthy; and most importantly accepted fellows receive tailored attention to advancing their businesses or organization.


Eligibility *

Who is eligible to apply? What are the criteria for selection?


  • Anyone within the age of 18-35 years
  • From any African country


If any – including prizes, salary, advantages, scholarship value etc

Activities/Benefits of the Inspire Africa Program
The Inspire Africa Institute equip young women and men through capacity building programs to learn and acquire skills specific to their dreams or passions that re-energize their level of confidence and prepare them for their enterprise, workforce, community projects, etc

Our activities includes;
1. InspireAfrica Training/Workshop – This is a 3 week rigorous practical in-house training/workshop for fellows in an enabling environment where accommodation and feeding is provided by the institute for the duration of the training. This holds in batches, once every two-months (6 times in a calendar year).

The trainings practically covers the following skill areas;

– Management & Leadership,
– Team Building,
– Skills building,
– Public speaking & storytelling,
– Entrepreneurship,
– Design Thinking & Innovation,
– Creativity,
– Business proposal writing & Pitching,
– Sales,
– Finance & Time management,
– Fun activities, outdoor exercises and many more.

  1. InspireAfrica Collaboration & internship – Fellows are peered with businesses or organizations relating to their skills, passion or career path they hope to pursue. Our fellows work as interns in the organizations of their peer collaborators, for a duration of 3 weeks to 1 year depending on the fellows desire.
  2. InspireAfrica Mentorship –In partnership with Micro-mentor organization, Fellows are peered with mentors with similar goals to help guide and inspire them in their choice career path. Mentors commit their time, effort and experience to guide mentee in decision-making process as fellows pursue their career path or take on leadership roles.
  3. InspireHer Scholarship/Investment – the institute provides scholarship opportunity ranging from 20 – 50% to fellows who cannot afford the full tuition fee. We also provide investment opportunity such as equity, loan or grant to fellows who have game-changing ideas or successful start-ups to be scaled.
  1. InspireAfrica Network & International Exposure – This exposes fellows to a global network of Changemakers and community builders.
  2. InspireAfrica Trailblazers Award – This is a special award/honor given to one Inspire fellow for each batch for excellent performance and community service. This fellows have fully utilized what they have learnt from the institute to pass on knowledge or actively engage in high impact community projects that express her full potential. This award is accompanied with cash or in-kind support and media promotions.
  1. InspireAfrica Community Service – During the 3 weeks training, fellows will engage in a weekly community service volunteer work, once every week in the community.
  1. InspreAfrica Volunteer – We welcome volunteers to apply as they assist with a wide variety of things like communications, logistics, program implementation, special events, administrative functions and more. Volunteers are not expected to pay any fee to engage with us. Fellows who desire to be volunteers for subsequent batches after training are automatically accepted. Click here to volunteer (
  1. InspireAfrica Hub: This is a work space provided for the Inspire Africa fellow with innovative ideas or startup hoping to expand or scale her business.

Fellows are responsible for their travels.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Inspire Africa


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