MLDI Legal Research Opportunity Mapping digital rights and online freedom of expression litigation in East, West, and Southern Africa

Application Deadline: June 18th 2018

The Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) is a charity, based in the United Kingdom, that provides legal help to journalists, bloggers and independent media across the world. It also
undertakes strategic litigation and delivers specialist media law workshops for legal professionals.
As part of the project, MLDI seeks to commission a research report that maps laws that pose
a challenge to digital rights, the outcome or status of related litigation, opportunities for
further litigation, and legal and civil society actors in this field. The report will be used to inform the planning and implementation of the project, constitute a baseline assessment of the field, and will be published as a publicly available resource.
Research report
The research report will identify legislation, cases,policies and legal/civil society actors relevant to digital rights and strategic litigation in each of the project’s sub-regions. Drawing on desktop research, judgements (or legal submissions where judgments are not yet available), and interviews with civil society, it should include the following sections for each country:
MLDI requires that the research report covers countries in East, West, and Southern Africa.
While the number countries from each region and choice of countries is negotiable, there
should be a clear rationale for each country selected. The report should cover approximately 15
countries in total, including, but not limited to, the following:
Consultant specifications
MLDI is looking for a research consultant who meets the following criteria:
• A law degree and at least three years’ relevant experience in socio-legal research and/or legal practice;
• demonstrated knowledge of international and comparative law on the right to freedom of exp
ression, digital rights, and Internet freedom;
• familiarity with media law in East, West and Southern Africa;
• availability to work on the report in June, July and August 2018;
• experience in carrying out research for evaluation purposes would be advantageous
How to apply
To apply for this consultancy, please submit the following documents to Michael Moss:
• A cover letter;
• your curriculum vitae;
• a brief research outline, including a timeline; and
• a quotation in GBP (£).
Requests for further information can be submitted to Michael Moss as well.


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