International Youth Action Against Terrorism (IYAAT) Counter-Terrorism Photo Contest 2015 ($USD600 Cash Prize)

Deadline August 03, 2015

Counter-Terrorism Photo Contest: A celebration of community and love to combat Terrorism

Terrorism has seen most unfortunate victims decide to take vengeance against those who affected their daily norm of life, and yet, the most sincere solution by most Governments across the World has been engaging into war with the Terrorist.

The International Secretariat of International Youth Action Against Terrorism (IYAAT) strongly believes that by going back to the basics-celebrating the virtues of Humanity of Peace, Love and Unity- across the globe could be the healing that the world needs after all.

Not to rely on the mainstream media to do that, we therefore call on YOU, as a believer of a better world, to be an ambassador to this cause, either by entering or voting in this contest.

The top 12 entries shall be used in the buildup of the conference theme and the entrants givena limelight throughout the conference preparation, running, and post-conference period.The Contest runs for 30 days:


The contest is open to the public as a whole. However, the entrants must observe the following:·

  • Ensure the entry photograph is clear enough;·
  • The photograph entry must be original; not owned by a third party/with copyright issues;·
  • The photograph entry must be of acceptable public standards;
  • No pornographic, graphic, or provocation photographs etc are allowed

Winning Photos

The three selected winners:

  • First Prize: $ 350 USD
  • Second Prize: $ 150 USD
  • Third Prize: $ 100 USD
  • Additionally, the winners in this contest shall participate in the International Youths Conference on Counter Terrorism to held in Nairobi (Kenya) for the period 4th to 6th February 2016, and
  • The winner be installed as IYAAT’s Goodwill Ambassador (For a period of 2 Years) at the conference while the first and second runner’s up shall be considered for positions in the IYAAT’s International Secretariat, and receive prices atthe Conference.
  • They shall however have to cater for their travel expenses to and from Nairobi while their accommodation is fully catered for.

Submit Your Photo Now for the IYAAT Counter Terrorism Photo Contest

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the IYAAT Counter Terrorism Photo Contest


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