Islamic Development Bank (IDB) M.Sc. Scholarship Programme 2017/2018 for IDB Least Development Member Countries (LDMCs).

Application Deadline: December 31st 2016


The Programme was launched in 1419 H/1998 named “The IDB M.Sc. Scholarship Programme” for Eligible Member Countries.

Objective and Scope

  • The objective of the M.Sc. is to assist Eligible Member Countries in the development of their human resources in science and technology that are both relevant and necessary for their socio-economic development. The Programme is open only to students from the 20 Eligible Member Countries.

Eligibility criteria

      1. The Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:
        • Be a citizen of any of an Eligible Member Country.
        • Age not over 30 years.
        • Be a graduate in science/technology with a grade above Good in his/her academic career.
        • Be nominated by an academic research institution of his/her country.
        • Be determined to return home at the end of his/her studies.
        • Not in receipt of another scholarship.
        • Be medically fit and be willing to undergo medical tests after selection.
    1. Applicants for Statistics, Demography and related disciplines such as Applied Statistics, Demography and Econometrics must meet the following requirements in addition to the above:
      • Be in possession of a B.Sc. degree or its equivalent in statistics or related disciplines.
      • Must have a working experience of at least one year as statistician permanently employed by an institution in a member country.
      • Be determined to return home at the end of his/her studies.
  • List of Eligible Member Countries

    1. Afghanistan 2. Benin 3. Burkina Faso 4. Chad 5. Comoros
    6. Djibouti 7. The Gambia 8. Guinea 9. Guinea-Bissau 10. Maldives
    11. Mali 12. Mauritania 13. Mozambique 14. Niger 15. Palestine
    16. Sierra Leone 17. Somalia 18. Togo 19. Uganda 20. Yemen


  • Fields of study

    Students may apply only for Science, Engineering, Technology, Medical Sciences, Statistics, Demography, Econometrics, Operational Research and other related fields.

  • Place of study

    Selected candidates are to pursue their study at reputable institutions of study in member countries only.

  • Benefits

    The scholarship covers the following benefits and entitlements:

    • All academic expenses
    • Living allowances
    • Health Insurance
    • Round trip air-tickets to and from place of study

Application Procedure:

  • Complete the application form, get nomination from your institution (if any), then forward it to IDB Governor’s Office in your country by the deadline (31st December).
  • No direct application to IDB is considered .

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) M.Sc. Scholarship Programme 2017/2018





  1. I got an admission for Phd at institute of petroleum studies,university of portharcourt,Nigeria. My course of study is occupational health and safety(ohs)

  2. Thanks from your help for our country but please tell me more infarmatoin i need to continue my education out of afghanistan specaily pol e khomri city bcz the satution of baghlan pol e khomri city is stressfull for continue education

  3. Comment:Salam. I have Degree in Islamic Studies and i want to study Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance or Islamic Economic. Guide me how can i apply for 2018 Scholaship.

  4. J’ai fait un DEA en économie appliquée en 2016-2018 avec comme spécialité la finance islamique. Puis avoir une aide financière et une base de données pour continuer ma thèse?

  5. I’m Ahmed ishaq from kaduna state Nigeria 🇳🇬, I’m having difficulty in logging for apply. Tell me invalid password. Even if i received a new password unsuccessfully
    Please help me

  6. I am a Liberian, I want to apply but my country is not among the 20 countries.
    How do I proceed?


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