Kenya National Volunteers Program for recent university graduates.


As part of this programme, the Government of Kenya seeks to recruit high performing recent university graduates to serve as Volunteer Graduate Assistants in primary schools for an un-interrupted period of 1 year. They will provide education support and serve as ‘education ambassadors’ in the surrounding community. Two volunteers will be placed in each participating primary school and will receive a modest living stipend of KShs. 6,000 per month.

he Kenya National Volunteers Program is a national service programme which aims to meet three key objectives:

  • Create enriching opportunities for over 30,000 unemployed Kenyan youth
  • Promote national cohesion
  • Improve educational outcomes for over 2 million primary aged children
  • Volunteers MUST have completed their course work and any related research
  • Volunteers MUST hold a University Degree in any area of study
  • Volunteers MUST have officially graduated from their Universities at the time of applying


  • If you are 22 – 30, a recent University Graduate, Interested in Volunteering, Interested in Self Improvement, Actively Searching for a Career, Ambitious, Driven, Hard Working, Brave & Adventurous and Disciplined


  • The selected Volunteers will participate in a 3-week intensive residential training course that will be aimed at preparing them for their placement, and increasing their job skills.
  • Volunteers will be trained in key skills that will carry them into future employment.
  • After training, Volunteers will be deployed in pairs to their placements, first meeting county and district officials, participating head teachers, school management committee members and other Volunteers in their region.
  • Volunteers will be deployed to another County other than their own and will stay with a host family during the 1 Year in the field.

Selection Process:

  • Successful candidates will be selected through a rigorous and competitive selection process.
  • Success will be determined by a combined score based on your online application, correct responses to essay questions, correct responses to a series of online tests and success based on an assesment by independent and professional in-person interviewers.
  • These reviews will ensure that a high-quality cohort of volunteers who understand and are committed to the programme’s objectives are selected.


  • At the conclusion of the one year of service, Volunteers will graduate and receive an official completion certificate.
  • The names of the Volunteers who successfully complete the programme will be gazetted and their service recognized.
  • Following the graduation ceremony, many Volunteers will begin their internships, mentoring opportunities, jobs or start their own businesses.
  • Graduates will also be expected to maintain an active alumni network that will further build on their professional skills, networking opportunities and build the programme’s visibility.
    • After 9 months of service, Volunteers will gather at a Career Fair and Capacity Building Workshop.
    • During the event, Volunteers will receive training and guidance on career development.
    • Representatives from the Private, Public and Non-Profit sector will give motivational talks, and skills training to the Volunteers and will meet with top-performing individuals in small groups.
    • These representatives will review evaluations of the Volunteer’s performance with the pupils in the schools that the Volunteers have been serving in.
    • They will shortlist some Volunteers to enter into existing in-house internships and mentoring programmes in their companies. Volunteers who are successful in these companies’ assesment process will be offered internship, mentoring and job opportunities.
    • All Volunteers will return to their placements and complete the final months of their Volunteering assignment.

Apply Now for the Kenya National Volunteers Program

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Kenya Government National Volunteer Service


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