Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellowship 2018 for Emerging Photographers, Artists, Journalists & Scholars (Fully Funded to New York,USA)

Folk ensemble "Daimokhkan Aaznash" (Chechnyan for “Native Tunes”), established by 76-year-old Makvala (Badi) Margoshvili. Women chanting – Nazmi for peace in Georgia and the world. Duisi Village. Pankisi Gorge. Georgia. 2015

Application Deadline:November 30, 2017.

Magnum Foundation’s Photography and Social Justice Program expands diversity and creativity in the field of documentary photography through capacity-building and critical explorations of photography and social change.

Each year, the program supports a diverse, international group of Photography and Social Justice Fellows who are passionate about challenging injustice, pursuing social equality, and advancing human rights through photography. With New York City as a cultural resource, the program provides space for interdisciplinary experimentation, mentored project development, and cross-cultural, critical discourse at the intersection of photography and social justice. During the program, Fellows work on projects in their home communities with support from Magnum Foundation’s mentors.

Eligible candidates include:

  •  Early-career documentary photographers, artists, and photojournalists
  • Activists who use photography in their change-making practice
  • Journalists who would like to deepen their engagement with photography
  • Scholars who incorporate images and image-making in their research and scholarship
  • Preference is given to those who have not had previous opportunity to do a formal course of study in photography at the university level.
  • Applicants must be proficient in spoken and written English.


  • Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellows are early-career photographers or individuals trained in aligned disciplines who are motivated to deepen their engagement with photography and visual storytelling.
  • Photography and Social Justice Fellows are part of social, political, or cultural groups who are currently or historically oppressed or excluded, and come from communities around the world where freedom of expression is limited.
  • This program especially aims to support people of color, women, gender non-conforming individuals, LGBTQ individuals, individuals who are part of racial, ethnic, or religious minority groups, and others whose authorship is unevenly represented within the field of documentary photography.
  • Refugees are welcome to apply.
  • The Photography and Social Justice Program is designed to prepare our fellows to be effective and creative leaders in their home communities.


  • Magnum Foundation covers the cost of travel and room and board for the sessions in New York City.
  • Fellows also receive a modest stipend to support the production of their projects.
  • The program is produced in partnership with the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism.


The Photography and Social Justice Fellowship takes place over the course of six months and is comprised of the following elements:

Project Development and Frameworks
April–May 2018

These initial bi-weekly online sessions provide conceptual groundwork for the training and a forum for the Fellows to develop their project ideas.

NYC Session 1
June 4–29, 2018

The first session in New York City is a four week training hosted by CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism. This first session focuses on project development, technical trainings, and experimentation. This session will include exploration of emerging tools and platforms, lectures on documentary photography, and discussions on critical theory.

Mentored Project Production
June 2018–January 2019

Fellows produce a body of work that aims to advance social justice in their communities with mentorship from accomplished photographers, artists, and others from Magnum Foundation’s network.

NYC Session 2
Jan 7–18, 2019

This two week session includes a final review of the Fellows’ projects and focus on social engagement and creative presentation strategies.


November 30, 2017 : Applications due

February 2018 : Fellows Selected and notified

April–May 2018 : Online Sessions and Project Development

June 4th–29, 2018 : Session 1 (four weeks)

June 2018–January 2019 : Mentored Project Production

January 7–18, 2019: Session 2 (two weeks)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellowship 2018



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