Participate in the UN International Youth Day Awareness Campaign on Mental Health.

International Youth Day 2014

From 12 June until International Youth Day on 12 August, the United Nations is running a campaign to draw awareness to the importance of reducing stigma surrounding youth with mental health conditions. The United Nations need you to help raise awareness and reduce the shame. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to help raise awareness! Use hashtags #MentalHealthMatters and #UN4Youth.

The International Youth Day gives an opportunity to celebrate young peoples’ energy, imagination and initiatives.


The UN wants you to submit your artwork, illustrations, videos (6-15 sec), photos and/or stories (max 150 words) about the positive impact that speaking out about mental health issues has had on your life or the life of a young person you know.

Want to do even more? Why not organize an event to celebrate International Youth Day in your community, school, youth club, or workplace. You can get some ideas from our toolkit (link below) – let us know about it, and we’ll map it on our activities map and maybe even feature it in our Youth Flash Newsletter.


  • Selected written, photo, video and artwork entries will be chosen to be included in our publicationSocial Inclusion of Youth with Mental Health Conditions’ launched on International Youth Day and in our poster design for our IYD event.
  • Selected written, photo, video and artwork entries will be showcased at our event on 12 August in UN Headquarters, and online, via Pinterest and Facebook throughout our campaign.

To ensure that you are an author of the artwork and to let us showcase and publish your submissions, please, fill out Copyright Release Form and send it to us with your submission materials.


IYD Copyright Release Form

Toolkit to celebrate the IYD 2014



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