Peace Gallery Art Challenge 2013.

Submission Deadline: 10 April 2013

Participate now in the art contest Peace Gallery Challenge: submit your artwork and share your story of peace. The artwork can be your personal experience with peace, someone who inspires peace, an act showing peace, or an ideal peaceful situation. The artwork can be a photo, painting or graphic design.

Open to everyone, the deadline for submitting your artwork is: 10 April 2013.

Share your art now!

The 5 winners will have their artwork displayed in a large exhibition in The Hague from August until September, celebrating the 100 years of Peace Palace.To celebrate 100 years of the Peace Palace, The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), with the support of the Municipality of The Hague is running an online art contest: Peace Gallery Challenge for artists from around the world to share their work, telling a story of peace.

This online contest is managed by GPPAC, a global network of civil society active in conflict prevention and peacebuilding across the world, facilitated on the Peace Portal.







2 responses to “Peace Gallery Art Challenge 2013.”

  1. kunle adewale Avatar
    kunle adewale

    Great initiative, pls where do I share my art work and the analysis oer story behind the work. Tanx keep the great job on. Cheers

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