PwC Foundation for the Future (FFtF) 2023 Graduate Programme for young South Africans


Application Deadline: December 1st, 2022

The New Equation, is about how PwC brings together unique combinations of people, powered by technology, galvanizing ourselves as a community of solvers to address those dual challenges. The foundation of the strategy is our multidisciplinary model, which allows us to help clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes by bringing together deep expertise across a broad range of capabilities. It is this combination of capabilities and the ability to look at things
from different perspectives that is so essential to delivering high quality and real impacts for clients, stakeholders and society at large in Africa and globally.

Consulting helps some of the world’s most significant organisations become even more effective in an environment where the risk of disruption is more intense than ever before. We help clients improve the way they operate; accelerate their growth; reduce their costs; manage their risks; develop their talent and change the way they do business. In doing so, we bring our collective expertise to focus on the big issues our clients are grappling with today. 

You will work closely with the best in industry, finance and government in South Africa and possibly abroad, bringing fresh insights and motivation to the problems they face. Our clients might want us to help them enter new markets; address the challenges created by organisational change; or draw up a sustainability strategy that aligns their commercial objectives with broader environmental and social concerns.

You can gain experience in four business families

Front Office Transformation accelerates value and enables leading organisations to develop customer loyalty, drive growth, increase productivity, and inspire and engage the workforce. It is enabled by sub-solutions and accelerators combined with our industry-leading experience and technical subject matter experts for best-in-class digital enablement.

Operations Transformation delivers an end-to-end operations transformation for our clients, including operations planning, procurement, supply chain, and manufacturing.


A degree (preferably postgraduate i.e. honours) in the following fields of study:

  • Engineering — all specialisations
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics/Mathematics
  • Computer Science and related fields
  • Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • Business Science, Strategy and related fields
  • Arts
  • Health Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences and related fields

A 60% minimum cumulative average across all years of study should be attained.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the PwC Foundation for the Future (FFtF) 2023 Graduate Programme


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