Register to attend Google’s Digital Business Management program at the Lagos Business School.

Application Deadline: September 24 2014

You are invited to register for the upcoming 3-Day Digital Business Management program training course being offered by the Lagos Business School (LBS) in collaboration with Google.  The session will hold on October 14, 15 and 16th, 2014.

The Digital Business Management program (DBM) is a program developed to bring small and medium businesses (SMBs) online in a lasting way.  The program will leverage Google’s third party model to grow the digital agency ecosystem in Africa to support businesses in their online journey.

The program is designed for graduates of tertiary institutions. Upon completion of the training program, participants will receive a certificate of completion and  they will have gained skills to be effective in a digital management role. Additionally they will gain the necessary skills needed to setup and run a digital agency of their own focused on offering Google products to small businesses.

Participants meeting set criteria will be provided with ongoing support post completion.

The DBM program will:

Enable you build a successful business using a proven model

Help develop a new breed of managers for the digital age to help local businesses realise their growth potential

Provide an opportunity for Africans to tap into a large and growing online market

Bring more businesses online

Topics covered:

The role of the Internet in business

How to develop the right digital presence

Optimising your customer’s digital footprint

Steps to setup and run a digital business

Training on Google products – Youtube, Google Apps, Google My Business, Adwords etc


The 22 hour training program (over 3 days) will be led by topical experts to provide a robust set of tools that will prepare a digital business manager to start his/her own agency, join an existing agency, or a large organisation in a digital management role.

Selection criteria:

To qualify for the program, applicants must:

have obtained a diploma from an accredited tertiary institution

successfully complete a program entry test

be at least 18 years of age

submit a CV showing business experience

be familiar with the following

word processing and spreadsheet applications

presentation tools

internet technology

social media tools


What are the benefits of the Digital Business Management program?

Successful participants of the DBM program will acquire the following skills:

Ability to build and manage a digital business independently or with staff

Ability to assess SMBs’ digital needs and proffer appropriate solutions

Google business products expertise

Ability to effectively pitch online products to SMBs


Resources required by candidates:

Due to the practical nature of the program, candidates will be required to have an internet enabled laptop, which they will bring to all classes.


DBM program certificates will be issued to successful program participants. To receive the certificate, participants must:

attend the training in full and complete all course requirements

achieve minimum grade or higher in all tests and evaluations

satisfactorily complete an assigned final project, including presentations

complete all program payment (if applicable)


Participant benefits:

Individuals that obtain the DBM program certificate will become eligible for ongoing support of their digital business by Google. Support provided may include:



Internet access

Marketing support

Business advisory and mentorship

Ongoing education and access to free training material


Register Now to attend the Google’s Digital Business Management program


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