Register to attend the 2015 Sankalp Africa Summit for Entrepreneurs (Nairobi, Kenya)

Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 2:00 PM Friday, February 6, 2015 at 12:00 AM (EAT)

Feb 5-6, 2015 | Strathmore Business School, Nairobi, Kenya

Theme: Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Towards an Inclusive Africa

Sankalp Forum, an Intellecap initaitive, aims to influence the global inclusive development discourse through its work with entrepreneurs, impact investors and inclusive businesses in developing markets. Keeping entrepreneurs at its core, Sankalp engages Governments, corporations, influential platforms like the G8 and G20, media and civil society to drive a paradigm shift in inclusive development approaches.

Sankalp Africa Summit 2015 is focused on Accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship towards an inclusive Africa. At the summit, Sankalp Africa Summit will celebrate 10 African social businesses through the prestigious Sankalp Africa Awards. Taking last year’s conversation one step forward, the Summit this year will witness action oriented discussions and dialog among African entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and government representative

In convening the inaugural Sankalp Africa Summit in Nairobi, Sankalp Forum brought together over 450 delegates including start-ups, investors, DFIs, service providers and donors from Africa, Europe, US and India participated with  the aim to bring an ecosystem-focused lens to conversations and actions around inclusive development.  As part of the convening, we also recognized and celebrated 12 African sustainable and impact driven SMEs.

At this year’s summit, we will continue our conversation from last year on the need for ecosystem approaches to inclusive development but also dive deeper to promote action oriented discussions to support an integrated continent wide approach to inclusive development, for shared growth and prosperity.




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