The 2013 Türkiye (Turkish Government) Scholarships For International Students (Undegraduate,Masters and PHD Studies in Turkey).


Undergraduate Applications for 2013 Türkiye Scholarships Start in May 2013.
Graduate Application Deadline: March 31st 2013

The Turkish Government offers scholarships for Associate, Undergraduate and Graduate (Master/PhD) studies, as well as for Research and Turkish Language Summer Courses through the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Program.

Host Institution(s):

Recognized Universities in Turkey

Fields of study:

The scholarships cover a wide range of fields of study including but not limited to political science, international affairs, law, engineering, İslamic Studies, Agriculture, Economics, Journalism, History, Sociology, Architecture and Linguistic Studies.

Target group:

International students

Scholarship value/inclusions:

A monthly pocket money/allowance ($300-$575), accommodation/housing, tuition fees, costs of Turkish language training courses, general health insurance and specified travel expenses are all included in Türkiye Scholarships.



Only foreign national international students can apply to the scholarships programs. Applicants must have a non-Turkish citizenship (Anyone holding or ever held Turkish citizenship cannot apply to the scholarship program).


For associate degree:
Candidates Applicants are expected to have graduated or are likely to graduate within a year from high school in the present academic year.

For undergraduate degree:

Applicants Candidates are expected to have graduated or are likely to graduate Applicants from secondary school (vocational college).

For graduate and research degree:

Applicants Candidates are expected to have graduated or be likely to graduate Applicants from an educational institution at undergraduate or master’s level equivalent to that of Türkiye, in the present academic year.

Age limit

For the applicants applying to Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree : Those who were born no earlier than 01.01.1992.

For applicants applying to Master’s Degree: Those who were born no earlier than 01.01.1983.

For applicants applying to PhD Degree: Those who were born no earlier than 01.01.1978.

Important: Foreign students should meet the criteria of the universities they applied. After the acceptance, they can apply for the Success or Support Scholarships under the Turkiye Scholarships.

Application instructions:

Undergraduate and postgraduate degree applications will be taken in different periods of 2013. Accordingly, postgraduate applications will begin in March 2013. Undergraduate and associate degree applications will begin in May 2013.

Applications are accepted online.  The deadline for application for graduate programs is 31 March 2013 while the deadline for undergraduate programs will be around end of May 2013.

It is important to read the Turkiye Scholarship Guide and visit the official website

Official Webpage of the Turkiye Scholarships:



  1. am an Egyptian translator , i graduated this year from the faculty of arts english department and i want to join the scholarship for linguistic studies if it’s possible, would please tell me what should i do , am very interested 🙂 .. thanks on advance 🙂

    • @Lalia: It should be possible, check the Turkiye Scholarship Webpage for Eligibility Requirements. All the Best.

  2. I Iraqis born 07/23/1992 and I like to be the oldest college and get a degree Can I ..If possible provide me with information so I can get to study in your university.Thank you

  3. It is written at athe top of the page that the deadline for undergraduate is 31st March when actually the applying period starts in 1st May. Check on Turkiye Burslari site.

  4. Dear,
    May i know if the Turkiye Africa Undergraduate scholarship age restriction for Undergraduate international students, any consideration is put for those students who do not have consistencies in studies and study with breaks due to political issues/unrest of the country, and are born in 1986 ,will they be considered for the scholarships if they have good academic performances?

  5. Am a Ugandan, interested in perusing my masters degree in Turkey under full Turkey government scholarship scheme 2013/4 but lack guidance on how to start the process,i need help from a Turkey citizen living in Uganda or any where.

  6. Am a Ugandan interested in perusing my masters degree in Turkey under full Turkeys government scholarship 2013/4 but lacks clear direction, need guidance from a Turkey citizen.

  7. cher suis centrafricaine je me suis lancée sur la demande on m’a demandé de créer un nouveau compte je l’ai fais mais j’arrive pas à me connecter à chaque fois que je fais on me dit que l’e-mail ou mot de passe incorrecte que dois je faire?svp aidez moi je tiens vraiment à m’inscrire merci pour votre bonne compréhension

  8. cher
    j’ai fais une erreur de frappe sur ma date dde naissance je voulais modifier j’y tiens a y participer je vous remercie

  9. i’m indonesian. how to enrol this scholarship program ?i mean where should i go to register in my country .thanks

  10. I am graduated from high school and I spent only one year in college….and I want to apply for scholarship…is it possible to apply as undergraduated student ?

  11. I’m looking forward to apply for Msc of engineering throught the turkish scholarships. I meet all the re1uirements except the GPA :$ but I have 4 years work experience, I am wondering if that may evaluate the required GPA ?


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