The African Youth Development Summit 2013, Addis Ababa Ethiopia


The African Youth Development Summit is a platform for discussions, experience sharing and networking for African youth. Youth from the continent are welcomed to attend this Summit.

The African Youth summit  2013 will provide a platform for youth/leaders to discuss and reflect on imminent issues faced in Africa, and to address the needs of African youth. creating and mobilizing platform for youth willing to traverse a sustainable and inclusive future for Africa, providing 250 participants with rightful skills and knowledge for advancement of opportunities and solutions to conflicts and challenges in Africa. 250 youths leaders with clearly defined roadmap for sustainable development in Africa.

Registration to the summit is made online. An online application form is available to all those who wish to attend the summit. Even if many young people are welcomed to attend the summit, due to financial constraints there is a limited number of scholarships available. Thus applicants are encouraged to look for external source of funding in order to attend.

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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Combination of lack of access to quality Education & Health; Leadership & Employment opportunities; effects of Climate change; poor management of natural resources and unsustainable activities that lead to conflict; over many decades is affecting communities and livelihoods in Africa. Urgent global consensus and action is required to commit and invest in the challenges at hand. Youths, at this Summit, will work to establish an environment able to sustain economic and social activities.

Expected Participants for the Summit

This Summit shall bring together a total of 600 youths drawn from all the African Countries and a few from other continents with emphasis on those whose governments have adopted and Ratified the African Youth Charter, and other Youth Conventions and those who have joined NAYD. It is prudent for emphasis to be placed on the African Youth as they are the pillars of transformation and progress in our societies. A few of the participants shall comprise of professionals, leading politicians and opinion shapers, journalists and other relevant stakeholders especially those dealing with youth and other marginalized persons in various areas as the Summit Organizing Committee shall deem necessary.

Methodology during the Summit

The Summit will be conducted on participatory lines with short plenary inputs, speakers’ presentations, reports discussions, committee meetings and followed by general and small group discussions. It would also include video shows (documentary slides on Africa), establishment of a “follow-up committee” to see the implementation of the recommendations. There would be a Talk Show at the end of the Summit based on the Theme to see how participants’ mindset on Africa had transformed through the Summit.

The culmination of the Summit will be a day-long excursion and community service within the host country to appreciate the African Culture and to enhance social networking and bonding. This Summit will be conducted in a manner that promotes social interaction, learning and appreciation of one another.

The project will address: – quality of education for all, – HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse, – Leadership, innovation and employment, – Economic growth & good governance, – Environment & sustainable development, – conflict management & resolution.


To apply to attend the Summit, Please fill in the application summit application form here :

Click Here to Submit the Application Form Online to Attend the African Youth Development Summit 2013

Note that the application should be sent to the following email address : [email protected]

Note that the deadline for application is set to June 30, 2013



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