TRECC Rural Distribution Ideas Contest 2016 for Education Solutions for Learners in Rural Areas.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2017

The Rural Distribution Ideas Contest is being sponsored by TRECC, a program of the Jacobs Foundation and its partners, focused on improving the quality of education for youth in cocoa growing communities in Côte d’Ivoire.

Imagine you are an African education entrepreneur who just came up with the greatest idea to improve the quality of education and catalyze learning for children and adult, but you live in the city and you want to have an impact in rural areas, where the barriers to education and its delivery are highest.
The Rural Distribution Ideas Contest is taking on the challenge of how to get education solutions to willing learners in rural areas.How would you use market-based solutions to overcome the economic, cultural, geographical, and language barriers to providing a quality education to your customers?
We are interested in this creative ideas in these areas.
  • Expand education to rural areas : Help established education companies and entrepreneurs expand to rural markets, where there is limited electricity, internet and quick transportation system.
  • Improve education systems : Improve education delivery systems and access to learning through technology or new distribution models
  • Quality education for rural communities : Spark demand for quality education and education-focused goods and services in rural community
Are you passionate about identifying these problems and developing fearless solutions?
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