U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative (HEI) – Public University Scholarships 2017/2018 for Egyptians (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: June 15, 2017.

The USAID-funded Public University Scholarships program through the U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative is a scholarship for high school graduates to attend excellence programs at public universities in parallel with specially-designed supplementary enhancement activities such as English, leadership training and career planning, as well as internships, community service, and study abroad.  The program will interweave the private sector and practical experiences so that graduates are primed to enter and contribute to the workforce in Egypt, in sectors that are critical to the economic development of the country.

Scholarship privileges:

  • Studying in excellence programs at universities: Cairo, Ain Shams, Assuit, Mansoura, and Alexandria.
  • Studying in the fields that are crucial in building the future economy of Egypt (Engineering, Commerce, Nursing, Science, Information Technology, Agriculture, Law, Mass Communication, Education and Economics).
  • There are limited opportunities for faculty of commerce, (Priority for students of Arts section)
  • Applicants for faculty of Agriculture will have priority.
  • Costs covered by the scholarship: (tuition fees, books, laptop, enhancement courses on basic skills, accommodation, and transportation).
  • 65% of the students will study a semester abroad in the United States.
  • Summer training sessions and community projects.
  • Intensive English courses, leadership skills, and entrepreneurship.
  • The program qualifies students to gain the practical experience needed for the job market.


The scholarship provides opportunities in specializations important for the future of Egypt. So, there are scholarships for the excellence programs in the Faculties

  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Science
  • Agriculture
  • Law
  • Commerce
  • Nursing
  • Mass Communication
  • Economics

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Egyptian young men and women enrolled in Thanaweyya Amma in government schools including STEM schools.
  • Student achievers in their first and second secondary results.
  • Participated in community activities.
  • Includes scholarships specifically for disabled applicants.

Scholarship Worth:

  • Tuition fees and ongoing academic support
  • Intensive English and study skills program
  • Leadership, character building, and business development training
  • Mentoring and networking activities
  • Internship and summer training in field of study
  • Semester / Study summer at a univeristy  abroad
  • Support at job search and placement after graduation

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Public University Scholarships 2017/2018 for Egyptians.


  1. Comment:
    Hello, My name’s KhidirAbakarAhmed I’m from Sudan and i live in Darfur now and I wonder if you could help me please as to study at this university but my problem is I’m from poor family and i want to continue my studying and if you accepted I will do any services you and lastly thank you very much for this opportunity.

  2. Hello my name is gift mwanza,a male age of 27 and i’m from zambia. however i need to further continue with my studies so i was wondering if you can help me to study at this university.Am also coming from a poor family and my parent couldn’t manage to take to the university.Finaly i thank you very much for the great opportunity.


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