UN-Habitat International Urban Student Design Competition for Kenya’s Towns ( $10,000 US Prize)


Submission Deadline: 12:00pm/24.00 hrs. of 10th April 2016 (Nairobi time)


UN-Habitat in collaboration with Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development: Urban Development Department, Kenya, is looking for creative planning and design ideas for sustainable urban development in Kenya. Students from around the world are invited to participate in a student design competition for Kenya’s towns

The Competition aims to create a momentum for greater urban design uptake by demonstrating the value of urban design in implementing ISUDPs in Kenya.
The specific objectives are:
• To enhance the urban design component of the ISUDPs;
• To present planning students with an opportunity to contribute to the process of the ISUDP planning;
• To advance the applied learning skills of the participants;
Eligibility Requirements:
  • The application is open to students of Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Economics and any other relevant discipline globally.
  • Applicants from a specific school may apply as individuals or as a group (through a group leader, who attaches a description of the group composition). An applicant must be enrolled in a certified program during the 2015/2016 academic year at Bachelors (preferably those past their mid-level of their program), Masters, or Ph.D. levels.
  • By applying, an applicant consents to being teamed-up by the Competition Secretariat during formation of the International Competition Teams. Each International Competition Team MUST comprise of participants from both a Kenyan-based school and non-Kenyan based school.
  • The official language for the competition is English.
  • Participation in this competition is anonymous.
  • Each team will be issued with a unique registration number which will serve as the only means of identification during the entire adjudication process.
  • Communication between a team (or an individual participant) and any member of the Jury is strictly prohibited.
  • Teams and/or individuals participating must not have a relation (personal) with any of the Jury members.
  • A finalist from each town/site shall be selected to exhibit their work during an exhibition to be held at the UN-Habitat headquarter offices in Nairobi.
  • Each International Competition Team will appoint a team leader who will be the focal point for the team.
  • The team leader will submit the proposal on behalf of the team.


  • The jury will select the best proposal from each of the 9 towns/sites. Out of these 9, the jury will select the overall best design proposal.
  • The team with the overall best proposal will be the Competition Winning Team.
  • The other 8 proposals will be runners-up.
  • The Competition Winning Team will be awarded $10,000 US. The Organizer will partly fund nominated member(s) of the team 2 to participate in the Habitat III Conference in
    Quito, Ecuador from 17-20 October 2016.
  • Further, the Organizer will exhibit the 9 best proposals at the Habitat III Conference in Quito.
  • All of the 9 best proposals will feature in an exhibition at the UN-Habitat global head offices at Gigiri, Nairobi in May 2016.
  • The students from the Kenya-based Universities will get their travel to the UN Headquarters in Nairobi covered, to enable them present their teams’ work to the Jury and the Exhibition participants.
  • Each team member from the 9 best proposals will receive a certificate from the Organizer


  • Questions to Secretariat and Answers – 11th to 23rd January 2016. Answers will be provided on the website on 25th January 2016 and thereafter on a continuous basis until the competition ends.
  • Registration 11th January – 1st February 2016.
  • Registration deadline – 12:00pm/24.00 hrs. on 1st February 2016 (Nairobi time)
  • Notification of acceptance & teaming – 8th February 2016
  • Commencement of actual design work – 12th February 2016
  • Submission deadline – 12:00pm/24.00 hrs. of 10th April 2016 (Nairobi time)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UN-Habitat International Urban Student Design Competition


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