UNITAR/Sunlight/Absa Bank Women’s Empowerment Programme for female Kenyan Entrepreneurs.

Application Deadline: October 31st 2021

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Division for Prosperity, Hiroshima Office has partnered with Sunlight and Absa Bank to launch an online training programme titled Sunlight and Absa Bank Women’s Empowerment Programme for women in Kenya focusing to build knowledge,  skills, and attitudes needed for effective entrepreneurship, business management, and leadership of young entrepreneurs and business leader from the public sector, private sector, academia, media, and civil society organizations in Kenya. The applicants will have an opportunity to participate and engage more meaningfully in society through developing their own initiatives and businesses (social or commercial) that are self-designed and self-led and contribute positively to their own society.

The programme consists of two online courses:

  1. Fundamental of entrepreneurship and innovation
  2.  Leadership, strategy, and innovation

Sunlight & Absa Bank will jointly sponsor a total of 5,000 learners in two phases, with phase 1 targeting 2,000 learners to be followed by phase 2 with 3,000 learners. 

The training will support the development of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of participants looking to address local needs through innovative and creative business solutions through two online courses:

  1. Fundamental of entrepreneurship and innovation
  2. Leadership, strategy, and innovation

Eligibility Requirements

Participants will be selected through an open call for applications based on the specific criteria including the following:  

  •    Female  
  •    Age 18- 50 years
  •  Geographical and sectoral representation within the country
  •  Deep interest in entrepreneurship and frontier technology
  •  Keen passion to learn by doing and highly motivated to succeed to provide a positive impact on the society
  •  Good oral and written English skills
  •  Own a running business

Participants will learn more specifically the following:

  1. Learning the entrepreneurial process of identifying opportunities and mobilizing resources to bring a new enterprise to life,
  2. Exploring the tools and techniques to create desirable, feasible, viable, and sustainable solutions that solve customer needs and problems,
  3. Designing a business model appropriate for their enterprise and customer segment(s),
  4. Developing revenue models to capture value in all its forms and formulate financial projections appropriate for social or commercial enterprises, and
  5. Applying the types of innovations that lead to competitive advantage and enterprise growth.

Application Process 

To apply for this programme, you will need to complete the below steps: 

  1. Create a SurveyMonkey Apply account  
  2. Complete the Eligibility Criteria Survey 
  3. Start, Complete and Submit your Application Form 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  UNITAR/Sunlight/Absa Bank Women’s Empowerment Programme


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