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VISA for Music Africa Middle East Music Meeting 2016 for Artists, Rabat Morocco

Application Deadline: March 31st 2016

What: Visa for Music Africa Middle-East Music Meeting
When: November, 16th to 19th, 2016– Rabat, Morocco

Are you a Music Artist/Group, DJ, VJ, Documentary Filmmaker or a Music Video Director?

The 3rd edition of Visa For Music, the first professional music market for Africa and the Middle East, is going to be held from16thto19th November 2016 in Rabat, Morocco.

Visa For Music (VFM) is the first professional market of Africa and Middle-East musics. The project is born from a paradox : on the one hand, the lack –or even the absence- of visibility of African and Middle Eastern artists at an international level and, on the other hand, there is a presence of a very important artistic dynamism and musical creation that these musicians need to be recognized for.

Visa For Music is an essential and major meeting place for professionals of the whole music industry, whoever they are and wherever they are from. Visa For Music aims to be a sharing platform for the defense and promotion of the musical sector of African and Middle Eastern countries.

The six main goals of Visa For Music are:

  1. Promote the music of Morocco, Africa and the Middle East to Europe and northern markets
  2. Encourage artistic mobility between African countries and the Middle East
  3. Participate in the development of the local cultural sector in these areas
  4. Develop the music scene at an international level
  5. Contribute to the improvement of the status of artists from southern countries
  6. Strengthen the North-South relationship in the cultural sector

A call for applications, which ends on 31st of March, has been published already. It invites musicians and Djs/Vjs showcases, documentary movies and music video clips to participate.

The salon gathers professionals of the music industry: Artists, professional organizations, agents, record companies, cultural institutions and foundations, media and edition, managers, trainers etc. It is also a mean to revitalize cultural and creative industries of the concerned regions to boost their economy.Conferences, roundtables, documentary showing,professional training and speed-meeting are already in the program.

1) Visa For Music offers a programme that enhances the value and importance of Moroccan, African, Middle-Eastern and World Music.
2) Only professional artists and groups, existing since one year at least and having a stage
experience, will be considered.
3) Only applicants over 18 years old will be taken into account.

As a meeting and sharing platform, Visa For Music is aimed at professionals of the music industry, more specifically:
  • – Artists and groups
  • – Independent and major labels
  • – Producers and broadcasters
  • – Publishers and distributors
  • – Theaters and festivals
  • – Artistic directors, managers, agents, tour organizers

As an international meeting place and new market, Visa For Music also wants to gather all the representatives of the cultural landscape:

  • – Professional organizations
  • – Media companies
  • – Associations, foundations
  • – International institutions, public institutions, governments, local authorities
  • – Networks
  • – Actors of the civil society

Apply as an Artist

Apply as a DJ/VJ

Apply as Musician/Film Maker

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the VISA for Music Africa Middle East Music Meeting 2016 for Artists



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