World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellowship Programme 2013 ( successful Fellows receive a Master’s degree in Global Leadership).



The Global Leadership Fellows Programme combines a full-time job in one of our Senior Community Manager positions at the Forum with an intensive work and learning experience that is run in collaboration with Partner Universities. After three years, successful Fellows receive a Master’s degree in Global Leadership.

The World Economic Forum is looking for outstanding individuals, who demonstrate a high level of energy and strong commitment to its mission, to take up positions within its Global Leadership Fellows Programme.

The programme is dedicated to developing the next generation of world leaders – well-rounded professionals who feel equally at home in the public and private sector. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the once well-defined line between the two sectors continues to blur, making it difficult for any one organization to act effectively in isolation. To succeed in such an environment, organizations – both private and public – must often align numerous stakeholders to most efficiently approach problems, develop strategies and capitalize on opportunities.


How can I apply for the Global Leadership Fellows Programme?

Please apply online through the careers section of  the World Economic Forum website ( You can apply to any position marked “Global Leadership Fellows” under the title “job category”. In addition to filling in the online application form, you will be requested to submit a résumé, the contact details of three references and an 800-word personal essay on what you would like to achieve in your life and on your motivations for joining the GLFP.

When is the deadline?
There is no deadline for applications to the GLFP, as job openings are posted all year round. As a result, there are no pre-determined interview periods. Should you be selected for a GLF position, you will be able to start working immediately and will integrate the academic modules into your schedule. These begin in the autumn following your recruitment.

What academic qualifications do I need to become a Global Leadership Fellow?
You will possess a broad intellectual background with a Master’s degree (or equivalent). More information can be found on the career section of our website (, under the positions marked “Global Leadership Fellows”.

Can I apply if I have not yet completed my Master’s degree?
Yes. However, the completion date of your studies should be in advance of the start of the academic modules of the GLFP. Given that these modules begin in November, you should have completed your studies before then. You may be asked to submit proof of graduation.

Is there a cap on the age of Global Leadership Fellows?
The majority of our Fellows fall within the ages of 28 and 38, with an average age of 33.

What are the language requirements for the job?
All candidates must be fluent in spoken and written English. Additional language requirements are specific to the position. It should be noted that the majority of our Fellows are fluent in at least one language other than English, even if their job does not explicitly request it.


  1. […] As a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum, your job will combine on-the-job training in roles that vary from knowledge creation to project management to insight generation to community curation. You will benefit from rigorous training in Systems Leadership through a customized learning programme established in partnership with leading global universities, and you will have the opportunity to work on your individual development with an experienced executive coach. Throughout the three-year programme, you can expect to rotate at least once to another role in the Forum giving you the opportunity to experience different parts of the organization. As a Fellow, you will learn to manage complexity and ambiguity, work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, become an agile and resilient leader, earn a Master’s in Systems Leadership, and interact with some of the world’s most influential individuals and institutions. The programme is co-designed and co-developed in association with some of the world’s foremost experts in leadership, management, organizational behaviour and experiential learning. Fellows are trained at CEIBS, Columbia University, INSEAD, the London Business School, THNK School of Creative Leadership and Innovation, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Requirements: […]


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