World Peace Initiative Foundation Africa Peace Summit 2016 – Nairobi Kenya

Application Deadline: July 15th 2016

Recent United Nations (UN) statistics from 35 African countries indicate that the largest category of conflict perpetrators and victims are the young people. On the other hand, statistics show that youth contribute to 65 percent of the entire African population. This in itself is an indicator that youths are a pinnacle of rekindling a sustainable culture of peace in Africa.

It is in the light of this that the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) in partnership with Kenyatta University Mentoring Program is organizing the first Africa Peace Summit whose theme is “Nurturing a culture of peace within the youth.” The Aim of the summit is to provide a forum for youth in Africa to engage on identifying strategies for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Thus, the forum will help the youth in Africa to connect, learn, and discover practical tips in order to become mindful and efficient at personal and professional levels, and enhance individual potential, talents and capabilities from varied dimensions, co-creating a culture of peace in Africa.


● A Young African leaders preferably between 18-35 years old
● Able to speak and understand English
● Either a university student in Africa with leadership potential or a young leader in public or private sector in Africa
● Able to apply before or on 15th July 2016 Midnight GMT+3. Any application placed after the deadline will not be considered

Summit Fees

USD 100 payable upon selection
The fees include the summit package (Stationary, lunch and refreshments)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the World Peace Initiative Foundation Africa Peace Summit 2016


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