ygap South Africa 2020 Accelerator Program for young South African Entrepreneurs

Application Deadline: February 28th 2020

The ygap accelerator programs aim to back impact entrepreneurs – or as we like to call them ‘local leaders’ –who have solutions to local problems in some of the world’s toughest communities.

Rather than imposing our perceived solutions on a foreign community, we support these local leaders who live there and have developed their own. Meaning our role is simply help refine and scale their solutions.

The startups we select go through a one week live-in accelerator where their business models are strengthened and they are equipped with the tools they need to turn their startups into viable ventures.

After the accelerator we provide strategy and business mentorship, marketing support, legal and accounting help and access to small grants.

The most impactful ygap entrepreneurs will move into growth, where they access larger support and funding to grow their ventures.


Entrepreneur: We believe the best solutions to poverty are entrepreneurial, so we focus on early stage ventures that exist to improve access to education or healthcare, create jobs or build safer homes.

Local: You’re a local of the area who intimately understands the problems that you are trying to solve.

Early Stage: You will have already launched a venture or run a pilot and have some early traction or proof of concept. You will typically have less than 10  customers or clients and have been in operation less than two years.

Ventures that are improving lives: At the end of the day, we exist to improve the lives of people living in poverty. If you believe your venture is improving the lives of people living in poverty, we encourage you to apply.

If you’re a founder of an early stage venture aimed at improving the lives of people living in tough conditions , we want to hear from you! If you don’t hit all of these criteria perfectly, we still encourage you to apply as you may still be considered

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ygap South Africa 2020 Accelerator Program


  1. […] Le programme d’accélération ygap en Afrique du Sud aide les entreprises à affiner et à valider leur modèle commercial, à progresser vers la durabilité financière et à accroître l’impact qu’elles ont dans leur communauté. Les entreprises qui complètent le programme d’accélération ygap en Afrique du Sud étendent leur capacité à augmenter leurs revenus, à créer des opportunités d’emploi, à sécuriser de nouveaux investissements et à faire une réelle différence dans les communautés au sein desquelles elles opèrent. […]


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