2013 National Endowment for Democracy Grant for NGOs.

NED Grant

Deadline: September 28 2012

Each year the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) makes direct grants to hundreds of nongovernmental organizations worldwide working to advance democratic goals and strengthen democratic institutions.

In 2012, NED funded about 1236 projects in 92 countries around the world. Grant amounts vary depending on the size and scope of the projects, but the average grant lasts 12 months and is around $50,000.

Who Needs the NED Funds

NED funds only nongovernmental organizations, which may include civic organizations, associations, independent media, and other similar organizations.

NED encourages applications from organizations working in diverse environments including newly established democracies, semi-authoritarian countries, highly repressive societies and countries undergoing democratic transitions.

NED does not make grants to individuals, governmental bodies, or state-supported institutions such as public universities.

What Types of Programs NED Support

NED is interested in proposals from local, independent organizations for nonpartisan programs that seek to:

  • Promote and defend human rights and the rule of law
  • Support freedom of information and independent media
  • Strengthen democratic ideas and values
  • Promote accountability and transparency
  • Strengthen civil society organizations
  • Strengthen democratic political processes and institutions
  • Promote civic education
  • Support democratic conflict resolution
  • Promote freedom of association
  • Strengthen a broad-based market economy

All proposed projects must be consistent with NED’s general purposes as outlined in the NED Statement of Principles and Objectives.

For more information on the types of programs NED supports in each region, please see Where We Work.

Upcoming Board of Directors meeting dates and proposal submission deadlines are as follows:

  Proposal Submission Deadline   Board of Directors Meeting
  September 28, 2012 (Africa)
October 5, 2012 (all other regions)
  January 11, 2013
  January 18, 2013   March 28, 2013
  April 5, 2013   June 14, 2013
  June 21, 2013   September 10, 2013

Proposals submitted after the deadline will be considered at the following Board Meeting.

How to Apply

Prepare all of the materials listed above in Application Requirements.

Read the Step-by-Step Online Application Instructions.

When ready, click below to begin the online application process. You will be asked to create a user account for your organization. If you have previously applied online, you may log in using your organization’s existing account.

Apply Now

To apply by email:

Send all of the application materials by email to [email protected].

To apply by post:

Send all of the application materials to
National Endowment for Democracy:
Attn: Grant Proposals
1025 F Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20004 USA

To apply by fax:

+1 (202) 378-9407


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