2014 Conservation Leadership Programme.

Conservartion Leadership Programme

Deadline:11th November 2013

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) aims to advance biodiversity conservation globally by building the leadership capabilities of early-career conservation professionals working in places with limited capacity to address high -priority conservation issues. This partnership initiative, including BirdLife International, Conservation International, Fauna & Flora International,and Wildlife Conservation Society, has been building conservation leaders across the world for over 25 years. The Programme currently works toward its aims by offering awards, training and
mentoring support.

The CLP offers three levels of Conservation Awards:

Awards include:

CLP projects must occur in and be led by nationals of countries excluded from the World Bank list of high-income economies across Africa, Asia, Eastern and South – eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, where there tends to be fewer resources and capacity for conservation. Exceptions include some high- income economies located in some temperate and tropical areas of high biological diversity but thought to have low national capacity for conservation, including the Pacific Islands, Caribbean Islands and the Middle East.
The application deadline for full proposals is 11th November 2013 for ALL applications. Those applying for Conservation Follow- up and  Conservation Leadership Awards must submit a Logical Framework to the CLP by Tuesday, 1st October 2013.

CLP will provide feedback on all logical frameworks by 16th October and, based on this review, will either invite applicants to submit a full proposal or not. Awards will be announced in April 2014.

Please visit the CLP website ( www.ConservationLeadershipProgramme.org) for detailed eligibility criteria, guidelines and an application form.

Successful applicants will:
1.) Develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of team members;
2.) Implement a focused, high-priority conservation project combining research and action; and
3.) Contribute to the long-term success of local conservation efforts.

All eligible teams submitting an application will receive feedback on their proposal.
The CLP is piloting an Alumni Ambassador programme this year whereby applicants can request feedback on their proposals from CLP alumni in their region prior to submission. More information on this programme is found on the CLP website. Applicants may also contact a member of the CLP team well before and up to two weeks before the application deadline for advice on project eligibility, methods and project activities.

The CLP may be able to put teams in touch with local partner offices or other experts for additional advice. A representative from each award- winning team will be invited to attend an international training event in June/July 2014 organized by the CLP to share ideas and develop skills, knowledge and contacts. Additionally, winning teams are able to network with experts from within each of the partner organisations and past winners.

CLP team members are available to help with project implementation,including guidance required during the planning and team training stages

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2014 Conservation Leadership Programme


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