2014 Watson Scholars Program for Student Innovators,Leaders, and Entrepreneurs (Sholarships Available).

Early Application Deadline: October 21st 2013

Final Due Date: November 15 2013

Calling all student innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, and dreamers: Applications are open for the Spring 2014 semester at Watson. The theme of the application is: Creating the Future.

Watson is a semester long accelerator in Boulder, Colorado for student innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs that includes mentorship and short courses from some of the world’s foremost practitioners including a leader of the Nobel Peace Prize winning international campaign to ban Landmines, seasoned entrepreneurs, and a Time Magazine Hero of the Planet; award winning training in the skills of empathy, creativity, teamwork, leadership, and resilience inspired by Transformative Action Institute; the Watson Laboratory in which students receive personalized coaching, mentorship and build partnerships to pilot, prototype, and scale ideas that will shape the future.

The life of a Watson Scholar includes:

    • Learning from Jerry White, a leader of the Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines about aligning the “why” “how” and “what” of social change.
    • Exploring the future of capitalism with Joaquim De Melo, the founder of the largest community bank in Brazil.
    • Designing polices side by side with the former policy director to the Governor of Colorado, Jamie VanLeeuwen.
    • Practicing designing a flat, agile organization that is capable of solving complex problems with Fred George, a former Fortune 500 executive and startup guru.
    • Going on a hike with Amory Lovins, a sustainability thought leader, MacArthur Fellow and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.
    • Developing the skills of empathy, creativity, teamwork, resilience, grit, and leadership through award-winning training inspired by Transformative Action Institute.
  • Having the time and mentorship to explore and advance passions, ideas, ventures, projects, and/or organizations.

Watson is built on the belief that the university should be a place for students to accelerate ideas that will shape the future; receive mentorship from the world’s foremost leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thinkers; and where the investment students make in their education is not only affordable, but will also pay off the rest of their lives.

Watson is a semester-long, immersive experience to launch university-level student innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and dreamers that includes:

1. 15 short Master Courses taught by a select network of practitioners ranging from a leader of the Nobel Peace prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines, to a Time Magazine Hero of the Planet, and transformative entrepreneurs
2. Award-winning training in empathy, creativity, resilience, grit, teamwork, leadership, and entrepreneurship inspired by Transformative Action Institute

3. The Watson Lab, where students pilot, prototype, and scale ideas

Full and partial scholarships for tuition and housing, as well as innovative financial assistance options are available from Watson. If a student is accepted as one of the 15-20 Scholars after completing the competitive application process, Watson is  committed to ensuring he or she can afford Watson regardless of financial ability.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Watson Scholars Program

Apply Now for the Watson Scholars Programme



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