2015 OFID-UNDP Cross-Regional Grants Competition for Non‐Profit Organizations

Application Deadline:

Expression of Interest: 30 March  2015,  17:00 00  (GMT +2)

Final Application Process: 31st  May  2015,  17:00  (GM


The  OPEC  Fund  for  International  Development  (OFID)  and  the  United  Nations  Development  Programme (UNDP)  are   launching   the   first   joint   Cross­‐Regional   Grants   Competition.

The   competition   will   help   address  shared  development  challenges  of  Europe  and  Central  Asia  (ECA)  and  the  Middle  East  and  North  Africa   (MENA).   The   Competition   will   bring   together   non‐profit   organizations   from   ECA   and   MENA   in  order  to  develop  and  share  innovative  and  scalable  development  solutions  in  two  areas:

(1)   Affordable  Energy  and  Water,  and

(2)  Economic  Governance  and  Employment.

These  will  take  the  form  of  small‐scale  practical  projects  that  can  later  be  scaled  up  with  addition  practical  projects  that  can  later  be  scaled  up  with  addition.

For  this  Call  for  Proposals  applications  will  be  accepted  from non‐profit  organizations  that  are registered  and  operating  in  the  following  countries and  territories:
Middle  East  and  North  Africa: Djibouti,  Egypt,  Jordan,  Lebanon,  Morocco,  Somalia,
State  of  Palestine,  Sudan,  Syria,  Tunisia,  Yemen.
Note:  special  preference  will  be  given  to  applications  from  NGOs  and/or  involving  NGOs  from  Djibouti,   Morocco,  Somalia, State  of Palestine,  Sudan,  Syria,  Yemen
In  order  to  be  eligible  for  the  grant,  applicants  and  partners  should:
  • Operate in  the  countries  covered  by  this  grant  competition.
  • Be  a  non‐profit  making  organisation registered  under  the  relevant  laws  of  the  country  where  it  is  registered-registration  certificate  duly  translated  into  English  needs  to  be  submitted  with  the   proposal   as   proof   of   the   status   of   the   organization.   Various   types   of   legal   entities   are   entitled   to   participate   in   the   call,   including   but   not   limited   to   civil   society   organizations,  academic  institutions,  and  business  associations.
  • Be   directly   responsible   for   the   preparation,   management   and   implementation   of   the   project  and  need  to  demonstrate  prior  experience  in  implementing  activities  in  the  thematic  areas  of  the  call.
Eligible  activities  for  funding:
Projects  can  include  (but  are  not  limited  to)  the  following  type  of  activities:
  • Research  activities;
  • Developing  technical  solutions  and  prototypes;
  • Organization   of   events   (seminars/   trainings/   workshops/   conferences)   with   the   aim   of  knowledge  sharing and  development  of  technical  solutions;
  • Documenting  solutions/  prototypes  or  innovative  id
The  grants  will  be  awarded  for  projects that  have:
• Have   cross‐regional   coverage.   Therefore,   the   projects   have   to   be   developed   in   partnership   between  at  least  two  different  participating  countries,  including at  least  one  from  each  region,  but  with  strong  emphasis  on  the  lower‐income  countries.
• Deal   with   testing   and   implementing   new   approaches,   adapting   existing   approaches   to   new contexts,  or  applying  what  has  been  learned  from  previous  work.
• Demonstrate  the  potential  for  community‐level  impact and  that  have  the  potential  to  be  scaled up  into  larger  programme
This   grant   competition   is   expected   to   result   in   funding   of   three   to   five   cross-regional   projects.   The  number  of  grants  awarded  will  depend  on  the  number  of  high-quality  applications  received.
Size  of  grants:
Minimum:   20,000  USD
Maximum:  55,000  USD
The  grant  can  over  up  to  100%  of  the  eligible  costs  of   a  proposed   project  or  can  come  as  a   contribution to  a   larger   project with  clear  indication  of  how  it  contributes  to  the  bigger  initiative.
Submission Stages:
  • The   OFID­‐UNDP   grant   competition   will   begin  with   the   launch   of  the   call   for   project   proposals   on  2 February 2015.
  • This  grant  competition  has a two-staged approach:
1) Expression  of  Interest  phase
During  this  stage  the  potential  applicant(s) have to   develop   an  initial project  idea and   provide a clear   concept  of  what  project  an  organization  wants  and  is  qualified  to  do.
The   documents   have   to   be   sent   no   later   than   30 March  2015,  17:00  (GMT+2)
to   the   following   email   address:  [email protected]. Acknowledgement   of   receipt   of   the   documents   will   be   sent   to   the   applicants
Full  Application  phase
After   the   partnership  of   at   least   2   partners   is   established,   the   project   idea   has   to   be   developed   as  required  in  the  Annex  B – Full  application  form and  Annex  C – Budget
The  deadline  to  submit   all  the  documents   will  be 31 May  2015,  17:00  (GMT+2)   to  the  following  email   address: [email protected].
  • 2  February:    Launching  the  grant  competition
  • 30 March: Deadline  for  sending  the  Expressions of  interest
  • Mid‐April: Notification of selection  of  Expressions of  interest
  • 31 May: Deadline  for  sending  the  Full  application
  • Mid‐June:  Notification  of  award

Application Documents:



For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2015 OFID-UNDP Cross-Regional Grants Competition


2 responses to “2015 OFID-UNDP Cross-Regional Grants Competition for Non‐Profit Organizations”

  1. Joseph F. Gassimu Avatar
    Joseph F. Gassimu

    our organisation is interested into this grant award. the countries measured above are faced with similar challenges likes ours i.e Sierra Leone one of the hard hit countries in west Africa by the deadly Ebola Virious
    can we apply please

    1. lanredahunsi Avatar

      @Joseph: No you can not, It is for NGOs in the MENA Region. Best Regards.

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