Apply to the attend 2015 OpenCon Conference for Students/Early Career Professional in Brussels, Belgium (Scholarships Available)

Application Deadline: June 22nd 2015

OpenCon 2015 is the student and early career academic professional conference on Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data and will be held on November 14-16, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. It is organized by the Right to Research Coalition, SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), and an Organizing Committee of students and early career researchers from around the world.

The meeting will convene students and early career academic professionals from around the world and serve as a powerful catalyst for projects led by the next generation to advance OpenCon’s three focus areas—Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data. Participants for the conference will be selected through an application process.

OpenCon 2015 will feature leading speakers from across the Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data movements as well as workshops organized by those leading the most interesting projects and campaigns.


  • OpenCon’s target audience is students of all levels, early career researchers, and young professionals in fields related to scholarly and scientific research (e.g. librarians, professional advocates, etc).
  • Early career academic professional is a flexible term and generally means someone within 8-10 years of the beginning of their professional career (i.e. after graduating with their terminal degree).


  • OpenCon is a unique meeting in that the organizers will provide full or partial travel scholarships to a large number of the participants at the meeting. In 2014, more than 80% of participants received full travel scholarships.
  • The application process will be competitive, so in addition to applying for a general travel scholarship, Opencon also encourage applicants to consider asking their institutions to secure one of our remaining sponsored scholarships.
  • Travel scholarships will cover all or part of the cost of your travel to Brussels, accommodation (shared room), and potential visa processing fees for OpenCon. It does not cover travel expenses to and from the airport, meals that are not provided at the conference (most or all will be provided), and other incidental costs.
  • Unfortunately, due to the number of scholarships Opencon will be granting, Opencon cannot process any reimbursements from receipts.

Apply Now to attend the 2015 Opecon Conference

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the OpenCon for Students/early career professional Conference


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