2015 UN-Habitat Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award for Entrepreneurs ($USD200,000 Cash Grant)

Application Deadline: August 31st 2015

The UN-Habitat Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award has been established as a result of a partnership between UN-Habitat, the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO) together with CDB Orient that aims to reward young inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.
Young inventors and entrepreneurs are important catalysts for promoting sustainable cities and developing highly skilled talents needed for future urban development. The Award stems from an agreement signed between UN-Habitat and IESCO in April 2013 during the twenty fourth session of the UN-Habitat Governing Council, to launch the “Urban Youth Empowerment and Ecological Safety project”.
The project aims to address issues of youth unemployment, poverty, and ecological safety through the development of models and policies that will lead to the meaningful engagement of young people in the development of a number of cities in Africa and Asia.
UN-Habitat Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award is designed to recognize and celebrate young men and women throughout the world who have developed innovative programmes, practices, activities and solutions to the social, economic, political and environmental challenges facing human kind today.
Eligibility Requirements
  • The Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award is open to all Young women and men between 15 and 32 years from developing countries and run a youth led for – profit and or nonprofit organization, or a business or entity that aims to improve youth livelihoods and better serve their communities with accomplishment in any of the above Award Categories
  • Youth from other countries will also qualify to get recognition by way of citations.
  • Institutions and individuals that promote and catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship will also be recognized and cited


The winners are awarded a monetary prize: The total amount of the prize pool is USD 200,000 distributed among five categories. The Award will consist of
  • A cash grant of $ 20,000 for the winner (Up to 2 winners for each category)
  • The prize also consists of a trophy and;
  • A certificate jointly issued by UN-Habitat and IESCO and CDB Orient
  • An Innovator of the Biennium and an Entrepreneur of the biennium will also be named from among the winners.


Awards will be given in the following categories:

  1. Youth Leadership,
  2. Green inventions and Innovations,
  3. Urban Ecological Safety,
  4. Youth Entrepreneurship, and
  5. Social and cultural innovations.


Deadline for submission of the Projects : 31st August 2015

Shortlist of submissions by the Secretariat : June to August 15 2015

Steering Committee selects the Winners : September 2015

Youth Innovation Award Winners announced : September  2015

Awards Ceremony : October 2015

How to Apply :

You can send you submission via email to: [email protected]

Fill Out the Online Application Form

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2015 UN-Habitat Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award


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