4YouthByYouth: Adolescent Engagement in HIV Research in Africa

Application Deadline:January 31, 2021

Adolescents across Africa are engaging in HIV research in innovative ways, setting a new standard for meaningful research engagement. Youth have been involved in the design, implementation, and dissemination of research findings in sub-Saharan HIV research.  With the support of the Adolescent HIV Prevention and Treatment Implementation Science Alliance (details here), several adolescent networks and platforms have emerged in the past several years. In partnership with AHISA and sister organizations, we propose a crowdsourcing open call. Crowdsourcing has a group of individuals attempt to solve a problem and then share solutions with the public.1


The purpose of this crowdsourcing open call is to solicit creative ways that adolescents (14-24 years old) have participated in HIV research studies in Africa. The submissions to this open call will be used to inform research and help develop a manuscript on the same topic.

Formats for submission

Texts (500 words), images (less than 5 MB), videos (less than 3 minutes).  Submissions will be allowed via Email, WhatsApp, and Google Forms. Submissions will be accepted in all languages. At the same time, if the language of submission is not English or French, a translated version of the submission will also be required.

Judging Process

All submissions will be reviewed by three to five independent judges.

Judging criteria will include the following:

(1) Innovation – 2 points; 

(2) Feasibility in Africa – 2 points; 

(3) Clear description of youth engagement – 2 points; 

(4) Extent or degree of youth engagement – 2 points; 

(5) Scalability in diverse African settings – 2 points.

There are two categories of submissions – 1) adolescents involved in engagement and 2) researchers who organized the engagement. All adolescent submissions will be judged with other adolescent submissions.


We will create prizes for participation and also based on merit. Prizes will only be given to adolescents. Prizes for winning submissions from adults will be given to selected adolescents associated with the submissions. The total budget for all prizes will be 2500 USD. All finalists will receive at least 250 USD as a prize and the total amount and distribution of prizes will be decided by the steering committee.

Selected finalists will be involved in co-creating the manuscript as co-authors. All those who have a mean score of 7/10 or greater will receive a commendation.

Steering Committee Members

Michael Mbizvo, Sarah Roberts, Aisa Shayo, Brenda Kateera, Paula Braitstein, Nadia Ahmed, Eleanor Namusoke Magongo, Isaac Moses, Mesoma Igbokwe, Amaka Ikemefuna, Susan Vorkoper, Rachel Sturke, Kristin Beima-Sofie, Julie Denison, Victor Ojo, Lana Promise

Organizing Team

Chisom Obiezu-Umeh, Titi Gbaja-biamila, David Oladele, Ucheoma Nwaozuru, Kadija Tahlil, Joe Tucker, Nora Rosenberg, Laura Rachal, Oliver Ezechi, Juliet Iwelunmor

Important Dates

Crowdsourcing Open Call Launch: December 14, 2020

Crowdsourcing Open Call Submission Deadline: January 31, 2021

Contest Judging Period: February 2021

Notification of Top Entries: March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to frequently asked questions are provided here

Ready to Apply!

Please note that you can submit the crowdsourcing form in the following ways (choose the option that works best for you)

1. Complete the Google Form Version provided here, and click the “Submit” button at the end of the form

2. Complete the Word Document Version of the Submission Form provided- AHISA Crowdsourcing Submission Form, and email it to [email protected]

3. Complete the Word Document Version of the Submission Form provided-AHISA Crowdsourcing Submission Form , and send the file through this WhatsApp number: +2349090496884

4. Complete the Google Form Version, print/save it as a PDF, and email it to [email protected] or send through WhatsApp number: +2349090496884

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 4YouthByYouth: Adolescent Engagement in HIV Research in Africa



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