Africa Art Lines Mobility Fund 2016 for African Artists (Funded to Morocco)

Application Deadline: June 30th 2016

If you are a musician, band, music professional, organisation, venue or festival organiser living and working in Africa and needing to travel to or from Morocco, apply now for the Africa Art Lines mobility fund.

Africa Art Lines (AAL) aims to identify and support artists and holders of inter-African artistic and cultural projects; ensure a better presence of Moroccan artists on the continent; host African artists and projects in Morocco; encourage creative projects between Morocco and the other countries of the continent; grow audiences and promote participation in the development of the arts in Africa; and convey the values of diversity and intercultural dialogue through the arts.

The Africa Art Lines mobility fund is run by Afrikayna, a Moroccan organisation for intercultural exchange, development and cooperation in Africa, created in May 2013.

Africa Art Lines is also made possible through project partners in Africa who share Afrikayna’s vision and values, recognising that arts and culture constitute an essential key for human, social and economic development, in Morocco and throughout Africa; and working for a united and intercultural Africa.

The first round of AAL grants will help to highlight the trends, needs and levels of engagement of artists and cultural projects between Morocco and the African countries. These indicators will be necessary to ascertain the viability of mobility funds and its evolution according to the continent’s specific needs.

The funds available for the first year will be dedicated primarily to music sector, although other creative sectors are also invited to show their interest and needs to allow the organisers to reinforce their approach and if necessary advocate for the opening for additional funding lines dedicated to the mobility of artists and professionals in all arts sectors.


  • Artists and cultural operators who are interested in applying must be living on the African continent.
  • Applicants’ projects must be related to Morocco and the music sector, requiring travel either from Morocco to another African country, or from an African country to Morocco.
  • Participants projects must be happening between 15 August and 31 December 2016.
  • The maximum number of flights that Africa Art Lines can support for the same project is three tickets. A project can include multiple destinations, but still with a maximum of three tickets.
  • Selection will be based on the following criteria: the career of the artist or band; the objectives and actions of the operator or organizing structures; the project itself and its partners and/or artists involved; the expected project results/impact; and the proposed dates/calendar.
  • Successful applications will be selected by a jury of African professionals who are partners of Africa Art Lines.

How to apply

  • Artists or organisations who are interested in applying for the AAL mobility grant must complete the application form in either English or French, Arabic.
  • Relevant files must be attached to the form (or download links provided in cases of large files). Applications must also include:
  • Invitation letter of your partner (please advise if there will be delays)
  • Artist presentation
  • Structure/organsation/project presentation
  • Photos and logo (high definition)

Applications opened on 21 April and close on Thursday 30 June 2016. Successful applicants will be announced on 15 July 2016.

The organizes also request that applications make sure that:

  • their passports are valid during the travel period
  • they are familiar with the Visa procedures for the host country
  • there is indeed an agreement between the project partners – in terms of host arrangements; the artistic, technical and communication process; invitation and  confirmation letters; etc.

Application Form – English

Application Form – French

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Africa Art Lines Mobility Fund 2016


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