African Union Commission (AUC) Logo Competition 2017 Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, and Africa (GMES & Africa) – USD 1,000 Prize.

Application Deadline: 6 April 2017

The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, and Africa (GMES & Africa), is an African Union-European Union joint initiative launched in November 2016 in the Congolese capital, Brazaville. The programme is designed to address the growing needs of African countries to access and use Earth Observation (EO) data for the implementation of sustainable development policies on the continent through the integration and deployment of African requirements and needs in Copernicus Services. This will, in the long run, enable the two continents to jointly solve and address global challenges and contribute to the attainment of their overaching development goals, including the AU Agenda 2063 and the Africa Space Policy and Strategy.

A key component of the implementation of GMES & Africa is visibility and awareness raising, as well as the creation of an effective brand that will enable and drive the programme’s outreach and advocacy.

The African Union Commission hereby launches a logo competition for GMES and Africa. The Call for entries is for African youth on the continent and in the diaspora to submit original artwork and concepts to the Science and Technology Division, under the Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology. Designs may come in any format, whether they are hand-drawn illustrations or well-polished graphic files.


  • Only African youth on the continent and in the diaspora, between ages 18 and 35 are eligible to submit entries.
  • Females are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • The winner must surrender all rights to the design to the African Union Commission, who will be the sole owner of rights to the design.


  • The winning design by an African youth will receive a US$1000 prize and letter of recognition by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission.


  • For quality and adaptability reasons, kindly submit your entry in encapsulated post script.
  • Design entries should include your full name, your age, your nationality (Proof of identity such as a copy of your national ID or passport will be required).
  • Please include a short description in no more than 250 words of how the design represents the subject.
  • Email entries to: [email protected]


AUC are looking for a logo that captures the essence of Earth Observation, in the context of sustainable development in Africa. Entries will be judged for the style, creativity and impact of a design that can be used easily on related materials. AUC are looking for conceptual relish and knack, of the submitted logo.

  • Presentation and format characteristics: Logo should be designed on A4 or A3 white paper/fabric. The logo should be simple to reproduce
  • Explanation: The Logo must be expressive and easy to understand and interpret;
  • Jury: A broad-based jury of experts will be constituted to assess the entries and identify a winner
  • Announcement of Winner: The winner will be announced on …, 2017, through the AUC Website and other media channels

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AUC Logo Competition 2017


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