AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub 2018 Youth Fellowship for young Africans (Fully Funded to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Application Deadline: 17 September 2018 (1:00 pm CEST)

For the first time the youth are not only being heard but also asked to contribute to the guidelines for projects focusing on some of the most important issues concerning both the European Union and the African Union.As a Youth Fellow, you will advise international experts and institutions on the preparation of the Youth Innovation Fund, a call for proposal for funds totalling 10 Million Euros.

By joining the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub, you will contribute to making youth solutions a reality, piloting projects in six sectors!

The Hub is a multi-stakeholder initiative – with youth at its core – seeking to test new approaches to common challenges facing the AU & EU.

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub will enable 42 selected young Africans, Europeans and Diaspora to work with the African Union, the European Union and other relevant stakeholders in developing new approaches, defining the scope of pilot projects and monitoring their implementation in six areas:

  • Business, Job Creation & Entrepreneurship
  • Culture, Sports & Arts
  • Education and Skills
  • Environmental Preservation and Climate Change
  • Governance, Political Inclusion & Activism
  • Peace and Security, including Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism.

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub builds on the unprecedented experience of the AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative (YPII) which led the development and presentation of the AU-EU Youth Agenda at the 5th AU-EU Summit in Abidjan in 2017. The YPII itself built on the Abidjan Youth Declaration.


Any person between the ages of 18-35, African, European or Diaspora, interested in Africa-EU cooperation as well as knowledgeable in one of the six areas.

As a Youth applicant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of an African Union or European Union Member State
  • Aged 18-35 upon applying
  • Proven knowledge, practical experience and demonstrated impact in one of the six thematic areas
  • Additional knowledge/experience of minimum one of three cross-cutting thematic areas is desirable: Gender, Migration, and/or Digitalisation
  • Interest in and knowledge of Africa-EU relations
  • Experience in working in international and multicultural teams is desirable
  • Ability to work effectively in either English or French, and possessing an adequate understanding of the other language
  • Writing skills and public speaking skills are desirable.


  • Selected Youth Fellows will be divided into clusters, 7 Youth Fellows per cluster.
  • Youth Fellows, with the guidance of the experts, will work together using a virtual platform and be expected to produce regular deliverables linked to their cluster topic.
  • The 42 Youth Fellows will meet and spend 10 days in Addis Ababa (27 October to 4 November) for a first consultative meeting, in partnership with GIZ.
  • Possible field visits will take place twice a year (2019 & 2020).
  • Flights, accommodation, meals and local travel expenses are covered.


From October 2018 until the 6th AU-EU Summit in 2020.

Opening of Applications

4 September 2018


Deadline: 4 September – 17 September 2018 (1:00 pm CEST)

Youth Fellow Selection

Autumn 2018

First Consultative Meeting in Addis Ababa

27 October and 4 November 2018

Up to 2 Working Sessions per Year (2019 & 2020)

Each lasting approximately a week with online preparation before the meetings. Possible field visits may be organised as part of the monitoring once projects unfold.
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