Call for Application: African Youth Movement Chair of the Committee on Employment and Entrepreneurship

Application Deadline: January 2nd 2015

The African Youth Movement (AYM) is a pan-Africanist action-oriented, social movement that strives for the development, active participation and leadership of African youth in the fight for social justice.

The AYM is looking for dedicated young Africans everywhere to lead the Committee on Employment and Entrepreneurship .


The main purpose of the Committee is to:
*Widely open the discussion on key issues related to Employment and Entrepreneurship in Africa
*Engage African youth in discussing challenges but also finding solutions
*Issue regular recommendations to be used for lobbying and advocacy at the national governments level as well as the African Union and United Nations level.
*Identify key events and seminars onEmployment and Entrepreneurship to ensure AYM members and African youth representation

`AYM Committee on Employment and Entrepreneurship is looking for Chairperson (Females ONLY)

`Candidates for all the positions of the committee :
• Must be aged 18-35 years old
• Must be originally African national but can be resident in any country worldwide.
• Must be committed to AYM’s vision and goals.
• Must be willing to dedicate quality time to lead the committee online discussions and deliver the outcomes within the deadlines
• Must have passion, interest and expertise in the areas that advance the committee’s mandate.
• Must be willing to serve and attend regularly meetings /discussions initiated by the committee.
An attendance level of at least 80% is required per month.
• Must have regular and reliable internet connection
• Must be able to use Google Hangout and other social media channels
• Must work positively, cooperatively and respectfully as a member of AYM

`Roles and Responsibilities

*Chairperson is responsible for:
• Leading a team of 5 passionate young Africans.
• Directing and setting up the goals and action plan of the committee for a year term
• Facilitating the communication among the committee members
• Coordinating the committee meetings, activities and agenda
• Reporting to AYM Chair on progress and challenges that faces the committee and work closely with the chair to solve them

=> The Chair should be flexible to have more responsibilities beside the ones listed above.

To apply for these positions, please submit the online application below and send your CV to [email protected]

Applications sending more than what is required (CV and online form) will not be considered. Applications missing required documents or/and sent after the deadline will not be considered as well.Please write on the subject of the email the committee name and Position you are applying for

=> If you are shortlisted, you may be asked to be interviewed if needed. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for applications is January 2nd, 2015, 23.00 GMT


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    lemaku sadik

    We pan-african youth movement (PAYM)want to now the aims missions objectives of two.

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