Climate Tracker COP23 Fellowship 2017 (Fully Funded trip to COP23 in Bonn, Germany)

Application Deadline: 31st of July 2017

Climate Tracker is launching its COP23 opportunity, and it is stacked with opportunities and prizes for Trackers from everywhere in the world! With the signing of the Paris Agreement almost two years behind us, it is time to step up our game. The Renewable Energy Transition is unstoppable! Even if Trump wants to pull out of the Paris Agreement, now he wants Solar Panels on Border Wall.

Around the world, Renewable energy is driving bigger changes than we have seen in generations, and the pressure is on for countries to take their transitions even further. The message is clear now, Trump is isolated and it doesn’t matter where you’re from; it’s time to take your commitments to Climate Change seriously.

If you want to be part of this incredible transition, it’s time to raise your voice, and join this opportunity for a FULLY FUNDED trip to COP23, in Germany in November.


Participants from all countries are eligible for the #RaiseUParis opportunity.

Climate Tracker do have one special set of Countries, and will DEFINITELY SELECT at least ONE PERSON from the following Countries:

Indonesia | The Philippines | India | Ethiopia | Nigeria | Egypt | Bangladesh | Peru | Pakistan | Turkey

But there are 4 other spots available for anyone in the world!

  • young writers from around the world (like yourself) to help write inspiring stories and to publish them in media, and we will reward five of you with a spot to COP 23 in Germany!

What do I have to write about?

There are 3 publishing windows, during which you will have to write at least 1 article about a specific topic. You will have to write at least one article on each topic to be eligible for the prizes. That means at least 3 articles in total:

  • Topic 1 (1July – 31 July): The Clean Energy Revolution

During the first publishing window, we encourage you to: (1) describe the importance of, and the opportunities for, clean energy in your country or region; (2) explain how the fossil fuel industry is having negative impacts on climate change, endangering millions of people, and (3) call out for a higher ambition in executing the well-underway clean energy revolution.

  • Topic 2 (1Aug – 31 Aug): Supporting Climate Finance

To ensure the wellbeing of future societies and to achieve the climate goals that have been set, we have to invest in the future. It’s time to take up responsibility and make sure where our climate money is going.

  • Topic 3 (1 Sep – 30 Sept): Climate and health

Climate change is impacting each and every one of us on a very personal level that many of us don’t even realize, namely our health. With climate action, we have the chance to save millions of lives.

To get started on the first topic, and get some inspiration on how and what to write, we will be sending you a toolkit as soon as you sign up to the competition.

By writing on these topics, you’re eligible to win a spot on our team at COP23 in Bonn


  • Climate Tracker will be covering your flight, accommodation, entry into the COP and guidance by the Climate Tracker team.
  • Other prices to win include online writing fellowships, for which you receive a stipend and personal guidance from Climate Tracker to write about climate change issues in your region.

How will the Trackers be selected?

  • The best writers will be chosen among the applicants by analysing their outreach and writing skills. You can check the rating system for articles here.
  • Writers with the best general score make a chance to one of 5 fully funded fellowships to join us at COP23 in Bonn, Germany, in November.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Climate Tracker COP23 Fellowship 2017


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