Education First International Speech Competition 2016 (Win Fully Funded Trips to Uk, Singapore/ Brazil)

Application Deadline: March 15th 2016

The EF Challenge is an international speech competition that encourages secondary and high school students to find a creative and engaging answer to the question:

“Do you believe nothing is impossible?”

With the help of their teachers, the EF Challenge participants will write and record a short speech that inspires the audience and convinces the jury: both students and teachers have the chance to win amazing prizes – from trips to dream-destinations to study abroad courses and online English lessons.

EF Education First was founded in 1965 with the mission to open the world through education. From Berlin to Beijing, Moscow to Mexico City, Dubai to Denver, EF operates 500 schools and offices in over 52 countries.


  • Language : All speeches must be in English
  • Age : Students between 11 and 19 years can participate (two age categories)
  • Length: The speeches must be between 2 to 5 minutes long
  • Upload: All speeches must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube or a similar platform


  • Win a class trips to the UK or Singapore
  • Win a trip to the EF Youth Leadership Forum at the EF Rio Village in Brazil
  • Win a spot for an EF Teacher Training Course
  • EF Youth Leadership Forum

    The EF Youth Leadership Forum brings together outstanding students from all over the world and gives them an opportunity to become better global leaders: the EF Youth Leadership Forum 2015 took place in New York, USA. In 2016, the selected students will meet in Rio, Brazil.


1. Registration deadline
March 15, 2016

All students and teachers must be registered and will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the speeches

2. Submission Deadline
April 1, 2016

All videos have to be uploaded to YouTube or a similar platform, and the link must be shared with us

3. National Winner Announcement
April 15, 2016

National juries will choose the best speeches and announce the finalists

4. Global Winner Announcement
April 30, 2016

The global winners of the EF Challenge 2016 will be announced and showered with prizes

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