Enpact doroob: Development incubation program for socially-driven youth in Egypt

Application Deadline: June 26, 2023

doroob provides idea-stage entrepreneurs with tailored training, dedicated mentoring, network development opportunities, and access to workspaces and technical resources. That’s in addition to direct financial support of 600 Euros/month for each incubator team member so that they are able to dedicate their time, energy, and resources to turning their ideas into viable solutions.

Enpact is looking for 24 innovative ideas across four challenges

  1. Furniture designing — how can we revamp furniture manufacturing and design in Egypt in order for local products to compete in global markets? Your ideas can tackle innovative approaches to reduce waste, reuse byproducts, or recycle second-hand materials.
  2. Interior designing — how can we make sourcing eco-friendly raw materials and prototyping ideas for interior design more accessible and affordable? Your idea can tackle cost-effective solutions for sourcing sustainable raw materials and creating digital prototypes.
  3. Handicrafts — how can we promote growth in Egypt’s handicraft industry? Your idea can tackle innovative solutions to support small-scale handicraft businesses in acquiring high-quality, locally-manufactured machinery, sourcing sustainable raw materials, or accessing more markets.
  4. Performing arts — how can we support artists in building sustainable business models and finding facilities to raise awareness about local life issues through their artworks? Your idea can tackle innovative solutions that support performing artists in monetizing and sustaining their work while highlighting local causes through their artworks.


Enabling entrepreneurs and youth who have innovative ideas to establish social impact enterprises in four of Egypt’s most important economic sectors: creative industries, agribusiness, healthcare, and tourism.

  • Location: Egypt


Business & technical training

Throughout the entire program, all teams receive training sessions on related business and technical topics, such as prototyping fundamentals, sustainable development, leadership, digital marketing, communications, etc.

Financial support

Each member of the team that advances to the incubation phase will receive direct financial support of 600 EUR/month for six months to support them in turning their ideas into viable solutions.

Mentoring and coaching

Experts from enpact’s and DROSOS FOUNDATION’s global networks will support the participating teams with dedicated coaching sessions and mentoring from the onset of the pre-incubation phase.


Teams will receive access to workstations and makerspaces throughout the program from the onset of the pre-incubation phase.

Regional landing pad

Teams will get the opportunity to connect with international experts and potential partners by exploring the European market through a landing pad program in Berlin after completing the incubation phase.

Networking opportunities

Teams will also get the opportunity to take part in key industry events and pitch their solutions to international ecosystem players and investors.


  • 3 June 2023: Call for applications launch.
  • 26 June 2023: Applications close. Selection process starts.
  • 22 July 2023: Idea Competition (24 teams)
  • August – October 2023: 3-months Pre-incubation (8 teams)
  • November 2023 – April 2024: 6-months Incubation & regional landing pad (3 teams)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Enpact doroob: Development incubation program


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