Fuzé by Digital Africa for Francophone African Tech Startups (EUR100,000 in funding)


Application Deadline: Unspecified

Fuzé by Digital Africa is a facility dedicated to entrepreneurs who are preparing or who have just launched their tech startup in French-speaking Africa. Fuzé gives access to tickets of 20,000 and 30,000€ adapted to your stage of development. By focusing on a specific stage that is currently underserved and underfunded in Africa, Fuzé is a unique model on the continent.

Early-stage businesses operating in francophone African nations are eligible to apply for equity capital from Fuzé, a Digital Africa investment facility, up to EUR50,000 (US$48,000). President Emmanuel Macron introduced the Digital Africa initiative in 2018, a French government-backed organization that supports African tech entrepreneurs.


  • Fuzé targets the 25 countries of French-speaking Africa
  • Fuzé only targets French-speaking African countries where funding for ideation is still too underdeveloped.
  • The company is less than 18 months old
  • The company is founded or co-founded by at least one citizen of French-speaking African countries
  • The startup has a tech component in its product or business model
  • The startup has operations (cost or profit) in a French-speaking African country.


  • A first ideation ticket: 20K EUR
  • A follow-up ticket of 30K EUR
  • Possibility to directly invest a ticket of 50K EUR

Application Procedure

Built in a partnership logic, FUZE relies on a network of actors operating on the continent to identify target start-ups and support them in their deployment. The process is done in 4 main steps:

Deposit application:

Provide some details about your company by completing the online application form.

Partner’s opinion

The Fuzé team contact your support structure to get to know you better

Analysis and evaluation of the startup

The Fuzé team examines your application carefully. If you meet our investment criteria, you move on to the pitch stage.


The investment team makes its decision and Fuzé finalize the investment together.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Fuzé by Digital Africa 2023


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