Google/Andela Learning Community (ALC) 2.0 for Nigerians & Kenyans

Application Deadline: October 21, 2017.

Andela Learning Community (ALC) 2.0 powered by Google is a program that connects people who are interested in learning software development with beginner or intermediate courses in Android/web development or product design. Powered by Andela and Google, and featuring course curriculum from Udacity, it is designed to spark a generation of tech talent across Africa.


  • Anyone in Kenya or Nigeria over the age of 13. Prior programming experience is not required.
    • An ability to commit 10+ hours per week from mid-November to March 2018.
    • Have or have reliable access to a laptop.
    • Be located in Kenya or Nigeria.
    • Have a strong passion for technology

    Where does ALC 2.0 take place?

Online, with optional in-person meetups.


ALC 2.0 is split into two ‘tracks’ based on level of experience.


The beginner track is for candidates with no prior programming experience. It starts from the absolute beginning and provides candidates the option to learn how to develop apps, build websites, and/or build technology products. The intermediate track is for candidates who have 1-2 years prior programming experience on Android, web development, or product design.



ALC is powered by self-learning, but the program features peer-learning groups through online and physical community meetups.


The program is delivered through an online Udacity course. It features learning content from Google and small group learning programs organized and run by Andela. Andela provides offline content for learners with limited internet access at meetups.

Application Procedure:

Candidates are selected through an application process. To submit an application, click the apply here button and provide the required information. If selected, Andela will contact you by e-mail within a few weeks to notify you and provide the next steps.

You can contact at [email protected].

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Google/Andela Learning Community (ALC) 2.0 


  1. Hello,

    Really, I was over joy with opportunity given to Africa particularly Kenyans and Nigerians. But we face some difficulties while filling the form, especially with Age selection drop down and state selection drop down. please take note and rectify the problems as soon as possible to enable us complete our registration at the right time.

  2. Please I just wanted to ask if they have started the program because they told us while registration that it will begin on the 13th of November and I haven’t gotten any email.


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