Government of India (ICCR) Africa Scholarships 2016/2017 for Study in India (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: Varying by Country

The Government of India is offering the Africa Scholarship through Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) under Africa Scholarship Scheme for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M. Phil./Ph.D and Post-Doctoral Fellowship in various Indian Universities/Institutes.

At the inaugural plenary of the India – Africa Forum Summit held in New Delhi in April 2008, the Honorable Prime Minister of India announced the Government of India’s initiative to enhance the academic opportunities for students of African countries in India by increasing the number of scholarships for them to pursue under-graduate, post-graduate and higher courses.
The ICCR implements this scheme on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Under this Scheme, the Council offers 900 scholarships to the following countries:

1 Algeria 16
2 Angola 9
3 Benin 9
4 Botswana 17
5 Burkina Faso 9
6 Burundi (Kampala) 10
7 Cameroon 8
8 Cape Verde 9
9 Central AfricanRepublic 9
10 Chad 8
11 Comoros (Madagascar) – 31st December 2015. 9
12 Congo ( Republic of) 12
13 Cote d’Ivoire 10
14 DRC (Congo) 10
15 Djibouti 11
16 Egypt – December 14th 2015 27
17 Equatorial Guinea 8
18 Eritrea (Nairobi) 8
19 Ethiopia 50
20 Gabon 8
21 Gambia 23
22 Ghana 16
23 Guinea 8
24 Guinea-Bissau 8
25 Kenya 52
26 Lesotho (Pretoria) 16
27 Liberia 8
28 Libya 8
29 Madagascar 10
30 Malawi (Lusaka) 10
31 Mali 8
32 Mauritania 8
33 Mauritius 97
34 Morocco – 07 January 2016 13
35 Mozambique 18 January 2016 34
36 Namibia 22
37 Niger 8
38 Nigeria _ December 25th 2015 20
39 Rwanda (Kampala) 13
40 Senegal 10
41 Sao Tome & Principe 8
42 Sierra Leone 8
43 Somalia 16
44 South Africa 52
45 South Sudan (Republic of) 7
46 Sudan 27
47 Swaziland (Pretoria)22 January 2016. 12
48 Seychelles 9
49 Tanzania 24
50 Togo 8
51 Tunisia 15
52 Uganda 30
53 Zambia 16
54 Zimbabwe 19



  •  The selected candidates would be provided with return economy class air fares to the nearest international airport and Air-Conditioned III Train fare to the place of study, if so required.
  • The selected students will be paid living allowance, contingent grant, house rent allowance and thesis expenses, as admissible under the rules of the ICCR.
  • Air ticket for journey from Home Country to India will be provided by the Embassy and return ticket will be provided to the scholar in India.

Application Process:

  • Applicant may approach this Embassy directly with duly completed applications, original educational documents and a certified copy of the same.
  • Since slots are limited, applicants are requested to approach the Indian Embassy with duly completed application form as soon as possible well before the due date. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

List of India Embassies by Countries:


General Instructions to Applicant

Application form 

Physical fitness 

Financial terms and Condtions 

Joining Report 

List of Universities/institutions where ICCR students are studying 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Government of India Africa Scholarships


  1. Comment:
    Dear application reviewers,

    Is this opportunity allowed for refugees out of their country but can appear to the Indian Embassy in the refugees’ hosting country?

    • What about the discipline candidates allowed to choose? For example, I did Law and would like to upgrade in the same domain. Which Universities or institutes that can appear in my choice. Thank you

  2. Thank You so much for the opportunity. I am interested in the scholarship but there is no Indian Embassy in Cameroon. How do I apply? thanks and waiting.

  3. Thanks so much for the information. I am an interested candidates and could like to get more information about the scholarship. where do i summit my application?

  4. Do we have to ask for a admission in those specific universities that we have chosen before we apply the scholarship?hence how will you know that you are admissible

  5. Thank you very much for this very useful information, really I am very very interested it and I want to apply as soon as possible, please what is the way for applying the scholarship? I am in Somalia, so there is no India embassy in Somalia. I need the solution of that problem. waiting your help

  6. My name is Bishar Mohamoud from Somalia ,i need the scholarship of ICCR , unfortunately India has no Embassy in Somalia, please kindly how could apply the scholarship ,where i can send the application documents .

  7. Hi my name is Bishar Mohamoud from Somali ,i interested and needed the ICCR scholarship ,there is no Indian Embassy in Somalia ,so kindly help me ,how could i submit the application documents.

  8. Mamoshoeshoe Tjantji is my name, and I cannot see the closing date for scholarship applications of Lesotho. I love this scholarship with passion.

  9. am musana from uganda i belive this a great opportunity but i have simple me currently i have no pass port but am need and qualified from high school with good grades am i able to apply as i will be processing the pass port.thanks

  10. Hi, My name is Dr. Melkam and am very passionated for this scholarship but when we contact the Indian embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia they told us that they are not informed from ICCR, so how can we apply to this scholarship?
    thank you

  11. It is a good chance for africans from the indian government . I am from Ethiopia and i am so intersted to get the chance , so how can i apply please ? Thanks!!!

  12. Am now in the Indian Embassy here in Nigeria, trying to submit my application after all the stress of filling and making the relevant documents intact…but they refused to collect, saying that they have already closed. so, what I want ask is that, is the date changed or what?

  13. hi, I’Min Somalia and in here we don’t have the Indian embassy/consulate so how can i submit my application. should i have to send it by email to the Indian embassy in Kenya?

  14. hi! i am mohamed dahir nor,somali citizen, i am very interested this opportunity of ICCR scholarship but, misfortune is , there is no indian embassy in somalia so, how could i applay pleas .

  15. hie am Zvisinei Maposa from Zimbabwe, I want o apply for Doctorate Program but i canot see the deadline for applicants or the start dated.

  16. please i am Morgan Anthony from Ghana, want to the deadline for ICCR scholarship application in Ghana. thank you

  17. I want to apply for medical laboratory sciences… The whole application process seems to be so long can i get a summary please

  18. Am Doreen from Zambia. Studying in india has been my dream since childhood. How can I get this opportunity? Thanking you in anticipation.

  19. Abdijabar from Kenya, very interested in India since childhood, Bollywood movies of Mumbai inspired me to study and one day land in India. Hope I will qualify. Thank you

  20. Comment:hi Abdi am June from Kenya and I finished highschool last year and am really interested in India like you.. I hope that you can help Me apply for the universities.. if possible get me through the number 0702510862

  21. Comment:may someone help me.. am from Kenya and finished highschool last year and am really passionate about India and I don’t know how to apply

  22. Hi,i am bezeng from cameroon.I am really interested in the program but I have difficulties finding the Indian embassy in Cameroon.please how then can I summit my application???thanks and waiting. Here are my credentials; [email protected],237654807816.

  23. I am GASCON Appiah from Ghana I have already secured admission for this year starting in July but I want to seek for this scholastic to cover my coast . I want to know if I’m eligible yet how do I apply

  24. i am Ibrahim Turay from Freetown Sierra Leone. I am interested to apply. How to apply ? when is the deadline .

  25. Hello, Am Dede Yillia from Liberia, I have interest in applying but there is no India embassy in Liberia, also, when is the deadline for submission of application?

  26. Dauda Alusine Kuyateh is my name. I am a successful awardee of ICCR in Sierra Leone for 2015/2016 academic year but due to the escalation of the EBOLA scorge in the country at that time. My country, Sierra Leone was declared by WHO  »a no go country  ».International flights and airlines were banned not to come to Sierra Leone even when I was offered a space to pursue a PHD program in management but could not make it to India. I should have travelled to India since August 2015 to pursue my course in Economic Administration and Financial Management in Central University of Rajasthan.I thank God i have re-apply for re-consideration of our plight.

  27. Hie lam a Zimbabwean and my daughter would like to persue her studies in India .How can she get a Scholarships. And where is the Indian Embsay in Zimbabwe.

  28. hello my nama is Lamarana Balde,and Francisco Feliciano da Mata from Guinea-Bissau we want to apply to pursue our study in India to get Licence in Law so please help us we have been there in 2015 for 3 Months in New Delhi in India at National Crime Record Bureau so please help us i will be very glad if my desire has been considered please i am waiting for your communication for any time this is my numer 00245955458841 [email protected] thanks that is the all.

  29. Comment: Dear Indian Scholarship Providers, I would like to be part of this offering and I think it will be good if you attach your email address on this post.
    thank you.

  30. Hi,i am Habtie tsegaye from Ethiopia.I am really interested in the program but I have difficulties finding the Indian embassy in Ethiopia since i am living at rural area for helping my parents.please how then can I summit my application???thanks and waiting. Here are my credentials; [email protected],phone +251918178479.

  31. Hi,i am Habtie tsegaye from Ethiopia.I am really interested in the program but I have difficulties finding the Indian embassy in Ethiopia not in the capital city rather in bahirdar city.please how then can I summit my application??? i am already download the form but i can,t fill it it needs technical support from every body who knows about it so please help me i am waiting your help .thanks and waiting. Here are my credentials; [email protected],+251918178479

  32. MY name is Chengetai Muzamwese, I founded a humanitqrian youth association some months ago,
    One of our objectives is involving SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES TO RURAL PUPILS. Due to the inaccessibility of modern communication methods such as radio, TV, Internet and many more, the underpriviledged rural students are not accessing the golden opportunities in which the urban always enjoy… Sholarships seats are taken aaway by the urban and yet the urban are the ones who can affort to pay for tertiary education… So as an association we are requesting scholarship seats to scholarship offering Universities, Countries and association… What can i do to secure some scholarship chances for my fellow underpriviledged rural pupils?????

  33. Hey
    I am Emmanuel Gume from South Sudan please i applied for the scholarship up-to-date i have not received any updates from there, this is why I am asking.


  34. Hello,
    Has 2017 registration commenced because i had printed out the form? But i have my statement of result of degree. Can i use that to apply since am yet to collect my certificate(degree)?

  35. Hello Indian government,the provider of the scholarship, I am Amhara Ejeta from Ethiopian. I have degree in Agricultural Economics. And now I would like to apply for the the scholarship that in line with my professional study 0f bachelor of degree. And if there is any information to inform me I have written my email and phone number here under.
    email: [email protected]
    phone :+251931699076


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