GrowthAfrica 2016 Accelerator Programme for Early-stage Entrepreneurs in Nairobi and Kampala

Application Deadline: 17th January 2016 – at midnight
selection process takes place January 25 – February 19 with availability needed for successful semifinalists and finalists.

The 6-month programme starts with boot camps March 9-13 and March 16-20 in Nairobi and Kampala respectively.

Applications are now open for the six-month GrowthAfrica accelerator programmes in Kenya and Uganda, targeting early-stage entrepreneurs with startups having a postive impact on society.

The GrowthAfrica accelerator programme is demanding, but so is success! For six months you will be tearing up your business model and all its constituents, analysing them to bits with the help of a team of skilled and experienced business executives, successful entrepreneurs, maven investors and the GrowthAfrica team, who themselves are experienced entrepreneurs, consultants, mentors and advisors to successful business across the region.

Through the initial 5-day boot camp and the subsequent six 3-day workshops we will establish the foundation and equip you with tools to diagnose your business and devise strategies to optimise your business in all thinkable areas.

After each workshop you will work in-company with the assistance of your mentors, facilitators, growth catalysts and sages to implement your new strategies and innovations – boosting your growth trajectory in significant ways.

Workshops are typically carried out Thursday-Saturday every four weeks, giving you plenty of time to act on the learnings, plan and prepare for the upcoming workshop, and run your business in the capacity needed.


As long as you are committed to leveraging your business to bring positive impact to the communities you work in, either through your products or services, or through your business model, we are interested in you – but it is of extra interest to us if:

  • You already have an innovative product or service in the market and paying customers
  • You have a team of co-founders with a balanced skillset and who are ambitious, talented, committed and willing to learn from their peers and the GrowthAfrica team
  • You have a burning desire to make your business the next big thing and scale internationally and make your business an impactful multimillion dollar success story
  • Your business have products and services addressing environmental sustainability; work with IT, mobile and financial technologies; is an agribusiness, have a product or service relating to the construction sector, or deliver essential services (health, education, water & sanitation)


The total value of these copious resources is in excess of USD 50,000 per startup – but GrowthAfrica naturally do not expect you to pay this upfront. But do think it is fair that your success inevitably will co-create with you is shared – so we ask all startups to pay us subsequently by sharing:

  • 1% of your revenue +
  • 2% of your equity +
  • 3% of investments raised

We only expect this from you if we help you:

  • Double your revenue or
  • Triple your profit or
  • Help you raise at least USD 250,000



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