H & M Foundation Global Change Award 2019 (€1 million Grant & Fully Funded to Stockholm, Sweden)

Application Deadline: October 17, 2018, 23:00 GMT.

Can your innovation help reinvent the fashion industry and protect the planet? H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award is looking to find innovations that have the potential to shift the fashion industry from its linear approach to a circular one.

The world is already using approximately 1.6 planet’s worth of resources every year. There is an urgent opportunity to shift from “take-make-waste” to a fashion industry where resource loops are tightened and valuable materials are recovered.

To become circular, the fashion industry must reinvent itself in how to design, what materials to use, how to dye, cut and sew, ship, sell, own, use and dispose fashion. New technology, business models and materials can make this possible.

Each year, five winners are selected by an international expert panel. The winners will share a grant of €1 million and embark on a yearlong tailor-made Innovation Accelerator Program, designed to take your innovation to the next level and bring it to the market as quick as possible.

This year the expert panel will be especially on the look-out for innovations with digital technologies applied. If you have ideas related to connectivity, internet of things or machine learning – give it your best shot.

Learn more and apply here

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the H & M Foundation Global Change Award 2019 


  1. Good day to you. Please, i intend to take part in this H & M FOUNDATION GLOBAL CHANGE AWARD 2019 but on clicking the link under “FOR MORE INFORMATION”, the page isn’t loading and i believe that is where we can register first to participate in the competition or is there any way out?
    Thank you for your anticipated reply. Kind Regards.


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