ICFJ/Facebook Video Storytellers-Africa Training Program 2020 for African Content Creators (U.S. $1,500. Prize)

Application Deadline: September 21st 2020

Facebook Video Storytellers-Africa is a training program from the Facebook Journalism Projectin partnership with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). The training is led by Hashtag Our Stories, a global network of mobile storytellers. 

The six-week, self-directed course starts September 21. It will prepare participants to discover story ideas as well as shoot, script, edit, upload and distribute high-quality videos using a mobile phone. Storytellers who successfully complete this interactive course may apply to participate in a mentorship program and compete for prizes of U.S. $1,500. 

The course is open to journalists, student journalists and other content creators from Africa

For More Information :

Visit the Official Webpage of the Facebook Video Storytellers-Africa Training Program 2020



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