Jakes Gerwel Fellowship Programme 2020 for young South Africans


Application Deadline:  20 August 2020.

Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is a full university scholarship that provides extensive mentoring and leadership development for top learners with a passion for teaching and education. Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is named to honour the high impact legacy of Professor Jakes Gerwel, a teacher and educational leader who was one of President Mandela’s closest confidants.

Founded in 2017, Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is fully funded by Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Endowment. The beneficiaries start their university studies at either the University of Cape Town or the University of Pretoria. The supported degree streams include a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Commerce. In addition to their academic studies, students benefit from a world-class Fellowship programme that provides access to personal coaches, mentors and expert teachers, along with elective activities.

After completing their 3-year degree, students qualify as high school teachers through a PGCE and then enter a 2-year induction phase as they are placed in partner schools as newly qualified teachers. Ongoing support and development will continue to be offered through communities of practice.

There are three entry points into the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship. Grade 12 and 1st year level students can apply as part of the undergraduate intake. Alternatively, final year students can apply for to be part of the PGCE intake.

Fellowship Opprtunities

  • Undergraduate Teacher Fellowship for Grade 12, Gap Year and 1st Year University
  • Graduate Teacher Fellowship: 3rd year undergraduate and applicants who have completed their degrees 


  • Full cost of university tuition
  • University Accommodation and meals 
  • Book and Tutor allowance
  • Monthly stipend
  • Academic Support and access to educational and Personal development Programmes and  Development
  • Expert Teacher Mentor Personal Coach
  • Experiential learning opportunities in a diverse range of exciting educational environment

For More Information;

Visit the Official Webpage of the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship Programme 2020


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