KPMG Chartered Accountants Bursaries 2016 for South Africans.

KPMG Nigeria Internship Programme

Application Deadline: 24th February 2016

Title: Matric Class of 2015 CA Bursaries
Graduate Programme: External Audit
Office Location: Johannesburg
Programme Start date : 01-Jan-2020

KPMG, offers two unique bursary opportunities for students studying towards becoming SAICA accredited Chartered Accountants, or CAs(SA). KPMG Pure Merit Bursary is awarded based solely on your academic results, while the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs is awarded based on both your academic results and your financial position.

KPMG is a firm which provides you with an exciting and diverse experience during your articles. KPMG will provide you with excellent support structures to ensure your wellbeing and personal development. This includes in-house board exams and a dedicated learning and development team committed to making you the best Chartered Accountant you can be.

Both KPMG bursaries require outstanding academic achievement as a basis. When applying for a bursary with KPMG, choose which is best for you by asking these questions:

  • Do you need extensive funding for your studies? If not, apply for the Pure Merit Bursary.
  • Would you be unable to attend university without significant financial support? If yes, apply for the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs.

The Bursaries take the ever-changing needs of our students into account to make sure that the students the Firm funds have what they need to complete their studies successfully. We also consider the skills needed in the professional services market place and KPMG’s internal skills needs.

To apply for either the Pure Merit Bursary or the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be studying a SAICA recognised degree at a SAICA recognised university or other tertiary education institution
  • You must be studying full time
  • You must be completing your degree in the minimum number of years, ie you may not split a one year course over two years
  • Students must achieve an academic average of 65% (60% for 3rd year and 50% for CTA) for Financial accounting and must obtain a total average of 65% (60% for 3rd year and 55% for CTA) for the four major subjects (Financial accounting, Management accounting, Auditing, Tax)
  • The bursary is awarded on condition that the student maintains his or her academic achievements throughout the period of study.

Successful applicants for our audit practice will have the following qualifications:

Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy (CTA) or equivalent from a SAICA accredited university.

Ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines


  • Offer a 36-month training contract, competitive remuneration package and professional challenges.
  • You will also benefit from an opportunity to excel in an environment where professionalism and ability are the only criteria for success.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the KPMG Chartered Accountants Bursaries 2016 for South Africans.


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