The Harambe Egon Zehnder Internship

Harambe Internship Programme


10 Week Stipend | Based in London Office | 1 Week Independent Study

Candidate Qualification

Level of Education : Master’s Level
Region of Study : Preferably UK
County of Origin : Sub-Saharan Africa, preferably East Africa, Nigeria or South Africa
Field of Study Preferences : Business Administration (MBA) Stipend, Travel

Internship Benefits

  • Stipend, Travel and Accommodation
  • Stipend to cover living expenses, accommodation arrangements, commuting expense and pocket money

The internship will provide an outstanding insight into the life of a top level international executive search consultant and how companies make their most important senior management appointments.
Independent Study
Five working days to pursue an independent study on your proposed initiative.

Next Steps

To gain access to the Harambe Internships you must fill out an application to attend the Harambe Bretton Woods Symposium
– As part of your application you must submit a
– Dartmouth Idea Paper: A detailed description of your proposal
– Timeline: A chronological schedule of expected activities related to your initiative
– HEA is an action network of young Africans interested in pursuing the social, political and economic development of Africa. In order to access any Harambe engagement opportunities you must demonstrate your commitment to address the challenges and opportunities of the continent.

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