Lex:lead Essay Competition 2019 for Students in Developing Countries ($USD7,500 Prize)

Application Deadline: 31 December 2019 

Lex:lead is again happy to announce a scholarship competitionfor students in developing countries. Up to 15one-time awardsof US$500will be awarded in February 2020to winning essays submitted by 31 December 2019 answering: How can access to justice reduce poverty and support economic development

Register by 31 October 2019; essays due 31 December 2019 (no extensions). 

Essays accepted from registered candidates between 1-31 December 2019. Finalists must show citizenship in an eligible country and enrollment in studies with at least one law class in an eligible country to be confirmed for award (see Home page for eligible countries). All essays must be in compliance with competition rules (see Student Instructions 2019) and will not be accepted from unregistered candidates or after 31 December 2019.

Awards are generally payable to the winner’s educational institution on his/her behalf and not to the winning student directly. Funds may also be less any necessary bank conversion fees and/or taxes. Lex:lead will never charge a fee to participate. A Certificate of Participation will be sent to all registered candidates who submit an essay by the 31 December 2019 deadline.

Reserved funding 2019:
• DLA Piper award for Asia
• Claude Moore Charitable Foundation award for Zimbabwe
• Jerome Poitou award for Haiti
• Hon Dame Linda Dobbs DBE QC award for the top female

US$500 of DLA Piper’s 2018 funding will be held in reserve for a winner from an eligible Asian country who naturally wins this year’s competition and US$500 of the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation’s 2018 funding will be held in reserve for a winner from Zimbabwe on the same terms (both carried over). US$500 from Jerome Poitou will fund a winner from Haiti who naturally wins this next year’s competition and Dame Linda Dobbs’ funding will be awarded to the top female winner this year.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Lex:lead Scholarship Competition 2019



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