NSC Council of Europe 8th Global Education and Youth Training Course 2018 for Youth Multipliers –Cascais, Portugal (Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: 26th March 2018

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe has opened a call for participants for the 8th Global Education Training Course for Youth Multipliers. The new edition for the course it will take place in Cascais (Portugal) from 16-21 April 2018, in the framework of Cascais 2018 European Youth Capital.

The European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity, or “North-South Centre of the Council of Europe” (NSC), was created in 1989 with the purpose of spreading the universal values upheld by the Council of Europe – human rights, democracy and the rule of law – in Europe and beyond. Since its inception, the North-South Centre has been advocating a dialogue between the North and the South, fostering solidarity, creating partnerships, and raising awareness about global interdependence.
The specific mission of the Centre is to empower civil society, in particular youth and women, through intercultural dialogue and global citizenship education. The work of the North-South Centre develops around three Programmes: Youth Cooperation, Global Education, Empowerment of Women, having all of them “Migration” as cross cutting dimension.
The Youth Cooperation Programme of the North-South Centre promotes youth participation through training and capacity building courses aimed at facilitating young people and youth organizations’ involvement in decision and policy making processes at all levels of governance.
The training course has two main aims:
  • to empower young people to further support the practice of GDE based on North-South Centre GE methodology;
  • to provide youth multipliers with a series of competences and tools to promote and disseminate principles of GDE to other young people.
The specific objectives of the course are:
  • to understand the skills, values and knowledge behind the concept of GDE;
  • to explore the media literacy dimension of Global Education in order to foster responsible and ethical “citizen journalism”;
  • to raise awareness about the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UN Agenda 2030) and the role that young people and youth organisations have in implementing, monitoring and evaluating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in their local communities following a “glocal” approach;
  • to offer a platform for youth peer-education and for the development of multilateral youth activities that promote peaceful and inclusive societies.
The Global Education Training Course for Youth Multipliers is part of the iLegend project: Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue implemented by the North- South Centre and funded by the European Union.
The training course targets 30 participants.
Candidates will be considered for the selection phase on the basis of the following eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the deadline for applications:
  • are citizens of one of the 47 Council of Europe Member States 1 or of the Southern Mediterranean Countries 2;
  • are aged 18-30 years;
  • are able to fluently communicate in English;
  • are supported by an organization which has youth as main target group and which will support the candidates in the follow-up phase. In order to apply candidates should fill the online application form by the 26th march 2018 (23:59 UTC – Lisbon time).
Candidates selected on the basis of the above eligibility criteria will then be evaluated according to the following selection criteria, which must be clearly specified in the candidate’s application form:
  • play an active role within a youth organisation/platform or youth-related institution and plan to continue this work in the near future;
  • have already some experience as trainers, youth worker or youth leader;
  • have basic knowledge of project work, project cycle management and international youth cooperation;
  • have background knowledge in terms of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), human rights and intercultural dialogue and youth-related policies;
  • are committed to act as youth multipliers after the conclusion of the course by developing a follow-up initiative with the support of his/her sending organisation/platform/institution.
Only candidates who fulfilled eligibility criteria, and whose application is submitted by the closing date of the call will be considered for the selection.
The selection will be carried out by the North-South Centre seeking also gender and geographical balance.
  • The selection results will be announced by the 29th of March.
  • Please note that due to the large number of applications only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Individual requests and follow up questions will not be addressed, unless considered as assistance to the application process.


Travel, board and lodging
  • Arrivals are expected on 16th September and departures on 21st April 2018
  • The North-South Centre will issue pre-paid flight round-trip tickets from the country of residence to Lisbon (Portugal).
  • Transfers from and to the airport/train station to the training venue will be ensured by Cascais Municipality.
  • It is expected that participants/supporting organisations assume expenses related to local transport in the home country, as well as visa costs.
  • Please look for information regarding health and visa needs that you might have to attend the activity.
  • The board and lodging for the full duration of the training course is covered.
  • Participants will be accommodated in double rooms.

Apply Now for the 8th Global Education Training Course for Youth Multipliers

NSC-CoE Secretariat: [email protected] | +351 21 358 40 39


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