Photo Africa International Photo Contest for African Photographers (Life in My City Festival) – $1,000 for Winning Entry.

Deadline for submission: 15th of July 2013

Life In My City Art Initiative,( The organiser of Life in My City Art Festival), hereby invites entries for Life in My City Photo Africa as part of the 2013 Life In My City Art Festival holding  in Enugu, Nigeria.October 2013.

Photo Africa is an international photo contest for African photographers who will be not more than 35 years of age by October 12th, 2013, living and working in Africa. Submitted works are expected to portray interesting current living conditions in the African city as seen through the lens of photographer, bearing in mind that one of the aims of the Life In My City Art Festival is to provide a platform for young artists to make meaningful statements about their environment.

The organisers will work in collaboration with other international Photo organizations such as Addis Foto Fest working for the promotion of photography in Africa.

The theme of Photo Africa contest is: Life in My City!

Entry photographs will be submitted for the consideration by a Jury of high calibre photo professionals who will assemble in Enugu, Nigeria.

The prize for the winning entry will be USD 1,000.00 and a one week trip to Enugu, Nigeria during Life in My City Art Festival.


Overview:The contest has three stages:
Stage 1:

Each photographer is allowed to enter not more than two photographs sent by email to the address below. The Jury will first of all prepare a shortlist of 40 photographs and the owners of the selected photographs will be contacted to send a higher resolution of the chosen entries (See Technical Demand below).

Stage 2:
The selected photos will be exhibited for one week during the Grand Finale week of Life In My City Art Festival in Enugu, Nigeria.

Stage 3:

Final selection: There is only one prize and the winning entry will be as decided by the jury from among the 40 selected photographs. The winning photographer will be contacted along with three other outstanding entrants who will be invited to be part of the LIMCAF grand finale in Enugu in October 2013.

Submission of entries:

Entries will be submitted via email attachment including:

  •  maximum of 2 photos (size: less than 1MB)
  • Fully completed Application Form (here attached)

To: [email protected]

Deadline for Submission:

12.00 GMT/UTC midnight on Monday 15th of July, 2013.
Any entry submitted after this date will not be considered by the organisers.

Dates of jury selection:

A pre-selection will be done between the 12th and the 17th August 2013.
Date of the publication of the selected 40 photographs:

The owners of the selected 40 photographs will be communicated on 20th of August 2013.


The contest is open to nationals of African under 35 years living and working in Africa. They need not be professional photographers i.e. they need not be recognized and or be living off their artworks. Liabilities:

Each participant guarantees that the works are original, unpublished and that they hold the exclusive copyrights. On this matter, the participant will undertake all authorizations of any other person involved in his work who could ask for any compensation.

The participant surrenders to Life in My City Art Initiative the exclusive rights of utilization of the works for publicity in electronic and print media and in any other ways in the interest of Live in My City Art Festival.

The participant indemnifies Life in My City Art Initiative against any procedure legal or otherwise that anyone could raise in respect of their submitted works, for any purpose.

Participants are advised in respect of the Photo Africa contest to:

  • obtain the consent of any and all person(s) in the submitted photo(s)
  • remember that reproduction of buildings, furniture, trade mark objects or other prohibited items or products etc., can lead to copyright infringement or litigation.

Every submission made with incomplete or false data will be considered as invalid by the organiser.

Any false declaration will lead to the exclusion of the contest without any responsibility from the organiser.


Participation in this contest is free. Participants must be less than 35 years of age as at 12th October 2013.


The jury is composed of professional photographers and professionals in the field of art and culture . The organiser guarantees the impartiality, the sincerity and the loyalty of the jury members.

The jury may put aside any photo if it estimates that it is not artistically valuable.

The jury will organize its terms of refrence and determine all parameters as it wants. Its decision is sovereign and cannot be contested.

    The decisions of the jury will take into account :

  • The coherence of the approach
  • The relevance to the theme of the contest
  • The quality of the photos : balance of image, originality, light, esthetical treatment .


For pre-selection, the participant has to submit quality image in JPEG (.jpeg) format, maximum size of 1 MB.

Selected participants will be required to submit a JPEG file of the selected photograph(s) with not less than 3500 x 4700 pixels and 300 DPI.

Only minor digital manipulation like exposure, cropping, contrast and saturation are allowed. For digital photography, the original signature properties of the photo should not be lost.


The identity of the selected photographers and prize-winner of the contest will be publicized in the media and in a form of catalogue.

The prize-winner and selected photographers authorize solemnly the organisers to show the printed photos and or dissemination for promotion and advertisement in the whole world.


The organiser has the right to modify these rules, to reschedule or to cancel the contest. Its responsibility will not be engaged because of these changes.

Participating in that contest means the acceptance of the totality of this rule, and the release of copyright of the photos for publicity before, during and after the contest. The rule can be consulted on the Life City Arts Festival website and a copy of that rule will be send free of charge to any person that make the written demand at the following email address ([email protected]) until results are communicated .

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