SEED Replicator Program 2017 for Eco-Inclusive Enterprises around the Globe.

Application Deadline: December 2nd 2016

SEED is excited to announce the launch of its new program supported by SWITCH-Africa Green and the Government of Flanders:

The SEED Replicator Program aims to increase the impact of social and environmental entrepreneurship by supporting people who would like to start their own eco-inclusive business and benefit from experiences of front-running entrepreneurs around the world.

The SEED Replicator Program is a unique opportunity to gain insight into eco-inclusive business models around the world that are tested and proven to be viable; create relevant economic, social and environmental impacts and are low-risk and easy to adapt to your own interests and local context. It provides a variety of business options for you to individually compile together to set up your own eco-inclusive enterprise.

Most eco-inclusive enterprises constantly seek for opportunities to increase their sustainability impacts. Sharing proven solutions for sustainable development challenges and implementing them at other locations with similar challenges is a fast and effective approach of scaling impact on a global level. SEED recently launched its new Replicator support program which aims at supporting the diffusion of proven eco-inclusive business models to the following countries: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius.

  • Are you interested in replicating your eco-inclusive business model and are you therefore looking for partners to collaborate for a common purpose?
  • Would you like to scale your sustainability impact on a global level while learning from others?
  • Are you looking for an appropriate channel to disseminate information on your business model?
  • Are you interested in making your business idea “mainstream”?
    Would you like to exploit the full impact potential of your eco-inclusive enterprise?

SEED are currently looking for eco-inclusive enterprises around the globe that are wishing to replicate their business models. Interested enterprises will be supported in the identification of replicable core components of their business model as well as in their search for potential replication partners in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius and Uganda.

Explore what the SEED Replicator offers:

  • Identify core elements and replicable components of your business model collaboratively with SEED.
  • Find suitable partners in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius.
  • Share experiences with new partners and gain insights how your business model works in African countries.
  • Benefit from SEED´s ecosystem stakeholder network in the field of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the SEED Replicator Program 2017


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