2015 Culture Fund’s Culture Impacts Programme for Zimbabweans.

Submission Deadline: 15 April 2015.

The Culture Fund is an organisation designed to support the development of a sustainable and vibrant arts and culture sector in Zimbabwe that contributes to national development frameworks and programmes. In 2015 the Culture Fund’s main grants programme is seeking to foster social cohesion, peace and reduction of poverty among Zimbabwean communities.

The Culture Fund is inviting project proposals that are expected to strengthen the broad participation by Zimbabweans in all spheres of society through platforms that foster free expression; advance gender equality among Zimbabweans through arts and culture interactions; to promote, assert and defend human, cultural and socio-economic rights within communities especially among the youth and women.

Eligibility and Project Duration

  • Zimbabwean citizens and permanent residents are eligible to submit project proposals by the 15 April 2015.
  • The Culture Fund Board will award grants to a maximum of US$50,000.00 per project.
  • Project implementation is limited to a duration of ten months.

Project proposals should address at least one of the three development pathways (pillars) listed below. Project conformity to the following expected outcomes will be considered an asset;

Free Expression

  • Increased use of ICT as a social dialogue platform
  • More people exposed to critical voices on pertinent social issues
  • Increased number of artistic social platforms and networks which provide a voice for the people, especially the marginalised

Gender Equality

  • Enhanced leadership and entrepreneurship skills for women in Arts & Culture
  • More children exposed to improved arts education for children addressing social-cultural misconstructs on gender
  • Improved community awareness on practices and norms that reinforce gender inequality and stereotypes

Rights and Freedoms

  • Improved access to disseminated information on rights issues by Zimbabweans
  • Increased number of artists involved in development issues, including Human Rights
  • Increased knowledge to use arts and culture as a vehicle for development among upcoming agents (individuals & groups/institutions)

How to Apply:

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 2015 Culture Fund’s Culture Impacts Programme for Zimbabweans.


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