Seedstarsworld Worldwide Startup Competition 2013.


Seedstars World is an exclusive worldwide competition to discover the best startups in emerging and fast growing startup scenes.

The competition will take place from March 2013 till December 2013 in 20 different countries and cities in emerging markets and strategic Eldorado’s.

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20 startups per country will be invited to “pitch” their ideas in front of a local jury and one startup per country will participate in the final global competition held in 2014 in Switzerland. There will also be 5 startups, chosen by online viewers that will compete in the final round.

The winners will receive different prizes such as equity investments, entry into acceleration programs, advertising and hosting services.


  1. Pre-selection (Only invited startups can apply)
  • Maximum 2 years since founding date
  •   Maximum USD 0.5m funding to date
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • You must be prepared to talk about your product and service in public Pitch and application documents must be in English or you must provide a translator
  • The startup can be across any field, but must be for profit

    In any case, applications are closed 30 days before the regional event.2. Pitching Event

    • Maximum 6 minutes
    • Must include: problem, solution, how it works, business model, short financials, team
    • Only one presenter
    • Format: PowerPoint, video or live demo.
    • Regional jury vote for the best regional startup.
    • Regional winners get regional prizes.
    • Regional winners are automatically selected to be part of the final.


    • Pitching dates will be confirmed and announced on our blog and Facebook page at the latest 2 months before the regional event.
    • Regional winners announced immediately an the end of the regional event.

    3. Users/viewers repechage

    • Users/viewers can vote for the best startups.
    • Top 5 startups (excluding regional winners) with the most votes are elected as public winners and can take part to the final.
    • Votes only on on dedicated startup page.
    • Votes are based on filmed pitch, presentation, websites, etc. provided by the company to Seedstars World.


  • Votes possible up to 1 month after regional event.

4. Final

  • The selection by the jury will be made amongst regional winners and the top 5 public winners.
  • Jury votes for the best worldwide startup.
  • Votes are made anonymously by jury members.
  • Votes are based on filmed pitch, presentation, websites, etc. provided by the company to Seedstars World.
  • Worldwide winner gets the worldwide winner package prize.
  • 2nd to 10th winning companies get various prizes.

February 2014

Seedstars World is an initiative launched by seedstars SA, a Swiss-based company which launches ideas, grows startups and builds companies. The objective of the competition is to find the best startup in emerging and fast growing startup scenes.




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